Your toys take care of you – why not return the favor? Proper cleaning and storage will help your toys keep GOING (and going, and going!).

The connection you have with your sex toy is really something special. It’s never too busy or too tired to show you a good time. It wants only to please you. From the moment you met, you knew you fit together perfectly. To keep this relationship going, however, you’ll have to give back a little, and take proper care of your sex toy. Read on for tips on keeping things clean before and after you enter a world of pleasure!

Clean your sex toy shortly after use.

The last thing you want to do after your little helper has transported you to an orgasmic paradise is wash something. It’s a buzz kill. But the longer you wait to clean your bedroom accessory, the longer bacteria have to set in and infect your toy. When you come back to Earth from Planet O, the first thing you should do is wash your sex toy.

Wash with a specialty cleaner.

Just because you use a soap on your dishes or on your body does NOT mean you should use it on your sex toy! Skip the frills, colors, and fragrances because they can irritate your most intimate areas, and soap of any kind can cause your toy’s material to dry out and crack. You can find cleaners made just for sex toys that will keep both you and your toy safe from harm. We recommend our popular Cleansing Mist toy cleaner!

Never submerge a vibrator’s battery pack in water.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but if you soak the battery pack, the vibrator may not work the next time the mood strikes you. Read your toy’s instructions carefully to see if it’s bath-friendly before you take it for a quick dip.

Store your sex toy in a clean, cool, dry place.

Ever leave a tube of lipstick in the car on a hot summer afternoon? Pretty much the same thing can happen to your sex toy. Heat can turn it into a gooey mess.

Direct exposure to sunlight and heat can discolor, corrode or even melt your toy. Be sure your special sex-toy spot is free from dust and moisture to keep it (and you) happy for months to come.

Remove the batteries before storing.

Some batteries tend to leak, which could damage or destroy bedroom toys.

Store your sex toys separately.

When sex toys get together, weird things can happen. They can share bacteria, break down or even meld together. Keep them separate, and wrap each in its own clean, dry bag, cloth, or storage tote, like our Toy Tote!

No matter your expertise level with sex toys, we recommend always reading your toy’s care instructions before gettin’ busy – each toy is different, so make sure you’re up-to-speed on caring for your new BFF. Your relationship with your sex toy is like any other relationship in your life: A little care will go a long way in keeping it fresh. Love your sex toy, and it will love you back.