Want to spice things up? Please your partner with a vibrator using these get-started tips!

Avibrator is the same as any tool: a means to help make your job easier. But you probably didn’t learn to use a saw or a complex software system on your own—someone helped guide you through the process. That’s why we’re here: if you’re in the market for some tips, check out these simple steps to please your partner with a vibrator.

Watch and learn.

Think about the first time you were handed a hot new piece of technology. No one handed you one and said “Go for it!”, right? Right! They let you see how it was done first. Ask your partner to do the same with their sex toy. They can show you exactly what’s on their mind so you know what to do when it’s your turn.

Take it slow.

It takes time to develop any skill; no one starts perfect right out of the gate. Apply the same patience to your sex toy savvy. Some clitoral vibrators double as massagers, so start by massaging your partner in innocuous areas, like the shoulders or the back of the neck, until you’re comfortable handling your new bedroom tool. Once you have your handle and technique down, try using the vibrator on your partner’s nipples.

Focus on the clitoris.

Did you know? The clitoris contains over 8,000 nerve endings in one little bulb…jackpot! The problem is, most vaginal intercourse doesn’t stimulate the clitoris enough for someone to achieve orgasm. Focusing your attention on this hot button will help your partner climax and make you a hero.

Expand your repertoire.

You don’t stop using your tools or technology once you’ve mastered one piece, right? Right! You try your hand at more complex projects and platforms that require more complex equipment. Do the same in the bedroom. Try a couple’s toy that gives you both the sensations and stimulation you crave!

We’ll be honest: it will take some time to become an expert at using sex toys. But don’t give up! Take your time and practice, and it’ll be worth it. Trust us – your partner will thank you.