Before you go down, study up – these techniques are guaranteed to step up your oral sex game.

It may be called a blow job, but it doesn’t have to feel like work! It’s hard to find a man that doesn’t seriously enjoy oral sex…and you probably want to know more about giving him some seriously superior oral delights! At one point or another, most people have wondered, “Am I doing this right?!” So, we went straight to the source and asked some men what they want and don’t want from oral sex. Drumroll, please: here are the top five things we learned.

beds can be boring

It’s common for oral sex to take place in bed with your guy lying on his back staring down at you, which is nice; but after a while, this visual can lose its appeal. Maybe you greet him at the front door, rip off his pants, and take a knee (or two), then work your magic. Maybe you slink off the couch onto the floor as he’s watching his favorite show and give him a blow job he’ll remember forever (you AND high-definition TV?! Talk about mindblowing!). And let us not forget the escapades of our youth that often took place in the car, on the beach, at the park—pretty much anywhere but home. So get out in the world (or at least out of the bedroom) and make some steamy oral sex memories to last a lifetime (or at least until the next time).

Sex and lube, together forever.

Some people rely solely on their saliva to provide lubrication during oral sex, but that can lead to disappointment for everyone! Invest in some flavored lubricants so he can experience the intense sensation of what’s goin’ down (literally) without the unpleasantness of drying up, and you can enjoy the tasty flavors of your choosing. It’s a win-win!

What it really means to lend a helping hand.

While your lips, tongue, and mouth are doing their thing, what are those hands of yours doing to stay busy? They are squeezing his thighs, caressing his testicles, rubbing his penis (and hopefully from time to time they are found pleasing yourself). It’s particularly important to use your hands as he gets closer to orgasm, stroking his penis rhythmically, and keeping the motion going at the pivotal moment.

The eyes are the windows to sexual pleasure.

That might not be the exact quote, but hey, it still applies. Eye contact isn’t just important during conversation, it takes oral sex to new levels of steaminess. Looking into your man’s eyes during these intimate moments exudes a confidence that is sure to turn him on! Remember to look up periodically and seduce him with your best bedroom eyes, and maybe even a wink.

Don’t curb your enthusiasm.

Giving head is incredibly arousing for many partners, and they’ll naturally find themselves moaning in ecstasy while giving a blowjob. Knowing you’re aroused will make him even more excited, which should get you even more excited, too! Enjoy the moment and remember to show him how pleased you are to please him!

Remember, everyone is different. Your partner may want to share something else he enjoys (and some things he doesn’t). The key to great oral sex – like with any other sexual encounter – is open communication. Asking your partner what he wants, sharing what you will and won’t do, and respecting each other’s boundaries is the best way to make an oral adventure one you both will love!

So, now that you know what the boys like, remember these tips the next time you’re going down.