We know you want it bad, baby, so we’re gonna give it to you (our techniques for talking dirty, that is!).

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Open your mouth…and let the dirty talk out! Talking dirty in bed is a great way to get you and your partner even more excited about what’s happening between the sheets. Read our tips for unleashing your naughty bedroom talk!

practice your dirty talk

Just like you would before a presentation at work, practicing what you are going to say will give you more confidence. Think of some dirty things you would like to tell your partner and practice saying them aloud when you’re by yourself. When you feel comfortable with your solo sexy talk, start using it with your partner!

praise your partner’s sexy body

Whispering how much you love your partner’s eyes or how their mouth turns you on can make both of you more aroused. You’re already having those thoughts—start sharing them while you’re in the moment!

express your desires

Dirty talk is a great way to let your partner know what you want. If you want your fantasies to become reality, start talking dirty. If you want to try a new position, introduce a sex toy, or get your partner to touch you in a certain way, dirty talk is perfect for making your sexiest dreams come true.

know the language

Many people are worried about sounding too raunchy during dirty talk, but you don’t want to be too clinical either. Nothing can turn dirty talk awkward more quickly than a reference to a “penis” or “vulva.” And for the love of all things good in this world, don’t ever say the word “scrotum” during sex. No one wants to hear dirty talk to sound like it comes from a doctor, so keep the language hot and casual.

Confidence is the key to good dirty talk. If you are sure of yourself, your partner is sure to be turned on.