Looking for a way to get hands-on with your partner? Look no further than a sensual massage

Massage is a great foreplay technique for couples looking for a way to get close. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by giving a massage because they are afraid they’ll be bad at it. After all, it’s not as if you learn this stuff in school. But with our tips and techniques to ease you into the art of massage, you’ll be ready to get hands-on in no time. Read on!

Find a quiet place.

In-home massage is like real estate: Location is everything. Pick a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted by the kids, the dog, or any other reminder of the world outside of the massage. This intimate time is meant to be an escape, so do everything you can to keep reality from crashing the party.

Set the massage mood.

Atmosphere is vital to sensuality. Relax your partner with low lights and quiet music. Candlelight adds an air of romance and emits a soft glow that will flatter both of your bodies. Just don’t go overboard with the candles. Nothing kills the atmosphere like chirping smoke alarms.

Dress the part.

Put a sensual spin on your night in by wearing something sexy. Women: Try wearing one of your partner’s button-down work shirts and nothing else, or some barely-there lingerie. Men: Invest in a nice pair of boxers that will show off your body and let you have some skin-to-skin contact with your partner during the massage.

Warm up.

Run your hands under warm water or use hand warmers so you don’t start the massage by giving your partner the chills. Have your lover lie face down while you stand behind their head and lightly stroke down their back on either side of the spine. On your way back up, gently caress their sides with your fingertips.

Use massage oil or lotion.

Few things in life are really win-win propositions, but the right massage oil will benefit you both. An oil or lotion decreases friction, allowing the hands to glide freely down the body. Not only does this feel amazing to the person receiving the massage, but it also allows the person giving it to rub longer without their hands tiring out.

Increase the pressure and the pleasure.

You’ve got your lover primed and ready with some light touching – now it’s time for a deeper massage. Follow the flow of your partner’s muscles as you apply a bit more pressure with your palms. Focus on commonly tense areas like the shoulders and the back of the neck. To really relieve your partner’s tension, let your hands drift to the fun zones.

Take a sexy turn.

Your hands are all over your partner’s body, so now it’s time to kick things up a notch. Try playing by soccer rules: massage with anything but your hands. Kissing, licking, nibbling, and nuzzling are all allowed. Watch your lover quiver with delight and see where this hands-off approach takes you.

A good massage isn’t about perfect technique or having a medical license—it’s all about intimacy. Reach out and touch your partner gently, and you are sure to satisfy.