Who doesn’t love a good surprise, especially when it leads to sex? Check out our 6 favorite ways for you to surprise your lover!

When was the last time you gave your partner a sexy surprise? If you don’t want your bedroom activity to be predictable and mundane, surprise your significant other with these seductive tricks and watch the sparks fly – no matter where you are!

Greet them at the door in lingerie and stilettos.

Your partner loves it when you wear sexy lingerie. Put on something you know will drive them wild, style your hair, do your makeup—and be ready for the fun you’re going to have as soon as the door opens.

Let them find you masturbating.

Take off your clothes, climb into bed, and do what feels right. When they walk into the room to find you touching yourself, it’ll be an instant turn-on.

Give oral sex when it’s least expected.

Ask your partner to pull the car over and then surprise them with a little treat. Wake them up with some mouth play. Unbutton their pants when they’re sitting on the couch watching TV. It doesn’t matter where or when—the point is to surprise your S.O.

Take control of everything.

Has your better half been dropping hints about you taking more control in the bedroom? If you’re comfortable with that, give it a try! Start simple by pinning their arms behind their head or putting a blindfold on them. When you restrict their ability to use one sense (like touch or sight), the other senses automatically become heightened. If you’re both ready for more, try handcuffs or other bondage play accessories. Do things to their body you’ll both enjoy!

Get in the shower with them.

Wait a couple minutes after your partner gets in the shower … then hop in! After you wash every inch of their body, you’ll both be ready for sex—in or out of the shower.

Have a quickie on their lunch break.

You said you would meet them for lunch, but you’ve got something naughty planned. Park somewhere secluded or make a quick trip home and enjoy a midday romp!

To keep your sex life exciting, remember the element of surprise. Those unexpected acts of seduction will keep you both satisfied for years to come.