Meet Dana Barish, one of the top Pure Romance Partners, who found out how to build wealth with her business!

Dana Barish’s story starts out like so many others’: girl starts career, dreams big, and is promptly given a reality check when someone tells her she’ll never make six figures a year. She was just a girl from Cleveland, Ohio after all. But where Dana’s story takes a very different turn is when she decided that settling for “good enough” just wasn’t in her nature. So she worked. A lot. A strong work ethic instilled in her as a child and her desire to provide the best life for herself and her family propelled her to takes risks, seek out new challenges and opportunities, and eventually find incredible success beyond her wildest imagination as a Pure Romance business owner.

Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Well, it’s not. It’s Dana’s real-life dream come true; and she was gracious enough to bring us into the dream world she shares with her two children. From the car(s!) she drives to the jet skis she rides, and a dream house in between, this is one “crib” she’s proud to invite everyone into. Welcome to Dana’s house.

Dana’s success didn’t happen overnight, though. When she began her business in 2002, she faced the typical struggles a business owner faces. She’s faced her haters and naysayers head-on. She’s struggled with objections to her business. She’s had to balance growing her Pure Romance business while raising her children as a single mom. For Dana, it has always been about moving forward. Ask her and she’ll tell you: never did she dream she’d have her Porche, jet skis, Mercedes, or a house on the water. Never did she dream she’d be heading up the Diamond Divas, her team that, in 2017, sold over $25 million in products. Never did she dream she’d be serving on the Senior Board of Directors, a prestigious decision-making organization made up of the top Pure Romance Partners. But, as she said, she wakes up everyday thinking about her business and excited to work – and that drive has served her well over the past 16 years. With her dream life zooming forward, Dana has no plans to take her foot off the Porche’s pedal anytime soon.

Dana believes that if she can create her dream life with Pure Romance, anyone can do it!

If you’re ready to turn your dreams into a reality, we’re ready for you!

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