A case of the Mondays? Not for Beverly Long! While the rest of us are clocking in, her flexible hours make her Mondays a lot more fun!

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze button, wishing it was still Sunday. You reluctantly get ready for work, drag yourself to your car, where you’ll sit in traffic for 45 minutes before finally getting to your desk and pouring a big cup of coffee. The Monday blues are real for so many workers, so it’s no surprise countless people claim they have “a case of the Mondays” almost every week.

But not Beverly Long. Her Mondays are spent doing whatever she and husband Dirk feel like doing. Why? Because Beverly runs on her own time, thanks to her Pure Romance business! She controls when she works, and she decided that celebrating Monday Funday was a little bit better than punching the clock. See for yourself just how Beverly and Dirk kick-start their week!

Not bad for a weekly routine, huh? Beverly’s Pure Romance business has allowed her and her family the freedom and flexibility they want, plus the opportunity to pay for and enjoy the things they love (like those four-wheelers!). It’s also given Beverly the opportunity to shine as a leader within the company. She’s traveled an incredible distance since starting her business in 2003! Beverly has reached the one of the highest Partner Titles within Pure Romance, sold over $129,000 in Pure Romance products in 2017, and her team is consistently a million-dollar-plus team. Plus, she has earned a spot on the prestigious Executive Board of Directors, where she assists company executives in making decisions that affect the entire organization for years to come.


“A case of the Mondays” is far in Beverly’s rearview – and she’s not taking her foot off the four-wheeler pedal anytime soon!

So…are you ready to take your Mondays back? Then it’s time to think about Pure Romance.

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