Meet the Million Dollar Club rock star whose Pure Romance business started quite unexpectedly!

Would you believe it if we told you that Senior Executive Director and Record Breaking sponsor, Mia Rivero, started out as a “kit-napper”? Mia always thought her knack for public speaking and passionate personality was perfect for practicing law. That is, until she fell in love with the Pure Romance product line, and ultimately ended up purchasing a kit with no intention of turning that kit into a business. Shortly after, circumstances led to her first party, and that’s when she realized: sales was her calling.

Now, Mia’s team, Laters, Baby, just keeps growing and growing. She’s broken multiple records, runs a successful, thriving business, and is a full-time mom of two. This Million Dollar Club rock star welcomed 88 new Partners to her team in 2017 and already has plans to break that record again in 2018.

Her career path might not have gone as planned, but one thing’s for sure: Mia’s fearlessness, passion, and ability to believe in herself and others has been an incredible addition to the Pure Romance family.

How did you start your Pure Romance journey?

Funny enough, I was a Corporate lead and a kit-napper! Just goes to show you: never count someone out! I was introduced to Pure Romance and I immediately fell in love – I wanted it all! It was WAY cheaper to get what I wanted by buying a kit even though I just knew I wasn’t going to sell. After I passed the Bar Exam, I was offered $40,000 a year to practice law and that barely covered daycare, gas, and food. So, I had a party. The rest is history.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your business?

I have always wanted to practice law, but it was because I was good at speaking and motivating people to see my side of things. When I am passionate and put my whole heart into something, you can feel my hunger when I speak about it. Practicing law seemed logical and profitable for someone with those skills. Turns out, I was actually meant for sales. I am meant to motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves and believe in me. With Pure Romance, I was able to find the PERFECT job for me because I refused to listen to anyone else and I dared to go against the grain. I am so very proud that I had the courage to do that because, aside from my children, Pure Romance is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Give us a Million Dollar Sponsoring tip.

Have a clear understanding of what this business really is and what it can offer. When you truly believe deep down in the pit of your stomach that YOU can save a marriage, help a battered woman leave an abuser, and change someone’s life – then you will be able to articulate clearly what you do. When you truly understand what this business can do for someone’s life, you will not only scream from the rooftops about this incredible gift that you have to give to people, but you will also actually feel selfish not offering it to everyone you meet.

What is the driving force behind the incredible number of women that you get to join your Laters, Baby team?

There is power in numbers. It is far more efficient for me to motivate 50 people to each sponsor one person than it is for me to sponsor 50 women alone. So, I do my normal sponsoring – but I spend a substantial amount of time keeping my team motivated and informed about the power behind building their teams. We aren’t just sponsoring: we are offering someone the ability to get out of debt, change a life, and live the life of their dreams. Ultimately, focus less on sponsoring people to Pure Romance and more on inspiring your Pure Romance people to sponsor.

How do you set your goals and reach them?

Math is my jam. I love numbers. When I am establishing my goals for the following year, I sit back and ask myself what it is that I am trying to achieve – Superstar Bonus, Senior Board, Retail Sales Bonus, 100K Club, Incentive Trip? Then, it becomes a mathematical equation to determine how much I need to do per month to stay on track while taking seasonality into consideration. I also look at my personal bests and try to make sure I continue growing from year to year. Staying on top of where I need to be monthly helps me pick up slack where I need to. So, I set my goal – down to a specific number, and I track it constantly.

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