Embrace things that buzz, because we’re busting the myths that may have you second-guessing a tryst with pleasure!

The stigma against sex toys isn’t anything new – and we’ve heard it all. “They’re for someone who can’t find a date.” “They ruin relationships.” The list goes on.

Yawn. While we think everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions, we’re here to set the record straight about sex toys and debunk some of those misconceptions.

Myth 1: They’re For People Who “Can’t Find Dates.”

This is our favorite piece of shade – because sex toys are for solo use but can also up the hot ante between couples! Think about this: if you don’t know what you want, how can you expect someone else to? Many who are exploring their sexuality and discovering what they like and don’t like find it extremely helpful to use a sex toy; and when they’re ready to bring a partner into the mix, they often find sex more enjoyable when they’re able to communicate their wants and needs. Couples can even enjoy these products together, like c-rings or using a vibrator on each other. See? Single or coupled up, there’s a sex toy for everyone!

Myth 2: They Ruin Relationships

False. In fact, many Pure Romance customers have reported that introducing sex toys into their sex life has actually improved their marriage. Many consider great sex an important part of a relationship, but when it starts to get lackluster or feel less-than-satisfying, it can cause some strife between couples. Sex toys allow couples to explore together and can create an open dialogue about wants and desires. Good communication is the key to any relationship, and once that’s established, many couples find they can both overcome and enjoy anything together – even an extra buzz in the bedroom! If a relationship can’t get past a rocky time, an inanimate object like a vibrator isn’t the root cause – something deeper, like lack of communication, almost always is.

Myth 3: They’ll Never Replace “Real” Sex.

What’s “real” sex, anyway? Are you experiencing pleasure? Exploring your or a partner’s body? Then it’s real to us. Sex toys don’t have to replace sex with a partner or even a good old fashioned solo session – they can enhance it and make it something truly out-of-this-world!

Myth 4: They’re Just Weird.

There’s nothing weird about exploring your body, experiencing new levels of pleasure, turning up the notch on your sex life, or simply enjoying the parts of you that make you…you! If you’re down with sex toys and you’re happy, we’re happy.

Did we clear up some of your misconceptions about sex toys? Great! If you’re ready to see what all the buzz is about, we invite you to explore the sex toys that Pure Romance offers to fit all your needs. In the meantime, we’ll be ready to debunk any other sex toys myths that come our way.