Are you ready to turn up the heat? Awesome. Find out what 2019 has in store for Aries!

It’s gonna be a firecracker month for you, Aries—what a way to start your year!

Be Bold

Speak your mind and push forward—full speed ahead! Disruptive planets are moving out of your sign for the first time in years, so don’t be afraid to take chances—the stars are on your side!

Don’t Hold Back

Aries is no stranger to a work-hard, play-hard mindset, so get ready to push your limits and focus on making your dreams a reality.

Don’t Over Think!

As the year goes on, you might start to feel distracted or unsure. Just stay focused, because more often than not, your gut instincts are going to help you power through. Do what feels right.


Since you’re a fire sign, we’ve rounded up some products to help ignite your passion (or turn up the heat for the Aries in your life)!

Sensations Cotton Candy:

Fire signs love turning up the heat! Sensations starts cool but warms up with friction or your warm breath!


Take The Plunge:

An Aries won’t hesitate to dive right in and get things started. With black lace and an oh-so-naughty plunging v-neckline, get ready to show off your wild side!



Every Aries wants to be the star. Reach exhilarating new heights with Luna, a silicone and glass vibrator with sculpted edges made to tantalize!