Bring back the honeymoon phase with these game changers!

Ne obody wants to be stuck in a rut when it comes to bedroom fun—that’s why we’ve rounded up 7 sizzling ideas you can try with your partner tonight. Warning: you might just steam up the windows.

7. Set a timer and start making out. Only Making Out

How long can you go before you start tearing each other’s clothes off? Ten minutes? Thirty?
Protip: See if you can get your partner to give in first!

6. Spend the day sending dirty texts.

Planning a date night? Can’t wait until your partner gets home from work? Maybe channel some of that energy into some really, really descriptive texts. They’ll be eating out of your hand the moment they get home.
Challenge mode: Only texts. No selfies!

5. Two words: hot oil.

One surefire way to heat things up is with a massage with melted wax or oil. Light the wick of Burning Desire and pour the warm oil all over your partner’s back, chest, thighs…then see where the night takes you.

4. Get vocal.

If you’ve got an extra-private place without paper-thin walls, how about getting really loud with your pillow talk? Shout, moan, beg—whatever it takes to keep your partner’s motor running in high gear.

3. Deep breaths.

Here’s a super-hot tip you might not know—if you gasp in a super-deep breath right before you orgasm, the oxygen rushes straight to your head and makes your orgasm last longer and feel stronger. You’re welcome.

2. Positions outside the box

There’s more than just missionary and doggy style. Swap it up and try something new. Everyone’s different, so find something that’s pleasurable for both of you—maybe you’ll find a position that hits totally new places you’ve never even thought of!

1. Add a vibe!

Maybe this one’s too obvious, coming from us, but adding a toy into the mix can turn the heat up to scorching new levels. From c-rings to dual action to clitoral vibrators, there’s so many options for solo or partner play.