Whether it’s a new love or you’re renewing an old flame, these date ideas are sure to please!

Get Crafty!

Either indoors…
Whether you’re renovating a room or trying a new Pinterest project, crafting together is a great way to bond over a shared interest! Plus, it’s a great way to get close and work up a sweat!

…or outdoors!
Try a pottery or painting class together! And, after you’re done admiring how cute bae looks up to their arms in paint or clay, hit the showers to clean up. Or don’t…

Change your surroundings!

Maybe you’re staying in…
Different scenery can really amp up your date night plans! Grab a room at a local hotel or hit up Airbnb to score a spot with a pool or hot tub.

…or going out!
Kayaking, hiking, or maybe an intimate little camping trip are all good ways to rejuvenate your mind with fresh air and get away from it all. Not into tents? Rent a cabin!

See the sights!

Maybe a Pub Crawl…
See if your city has a local pub crawl! It’s an easy way to start your weekend with some late-night fun—and get to know the city around you while you’re at it.

…or a Ghost Tour!
On the flip side, Ghost tours can get you away from downtown and into all-new haunts. Hold your partner close and brave the mystery of your town’s local spooks.

Try something new!

Fling an axe…
Visit a hip new bar and try your hand throwing axes. Or sit back and watch your partner’s muscles flex while they handle the tossing. Whatever works for you!

…or fling yourself!
Ever been to a trampoline lounge? Bounce from wall to wall, carefree and laughing with your SO. Jump up, jump up and get down!