What’s your fave position?

W hether it’s something adventurous (hello Kama Sutra!) or you’re a fan of old faithfuls, the sex positions we try in the bedroom can make all the difference for you and a partner, enhancing intimacy and helping you both reach O-town in new, incredible ways. Curious about what’s working (really working!) for everyone else? We’ve got you. Pure Romance partnered with OnePoll to get the scoop on America’s favorite sex positions in 2019, and the results did NOT disappoint.

5. “69” – 22%

You know what they say, it’s just as much fun to give as it is to receive, and this well-known position is perfect for testing that particular theory. Mastering this oral-sex favorite may take some maneuvering, but starting out in bed, on your sides, in a “side 69” position (using a flavored lubricant, perhaps?) should do the trick!

4. “Cowgirl” – 24%

Who doesn’t love being on top of the world…or your partner? This position allows you to set the pace and decide the depth of penetration, all while locking eyes with your significant other. Even better? This isn’t just for straight couples. Two partners with vaginas can get in on the action with a vibrating strap-on toy and harness. Giddyup!

3. “Missionary” – 32%

There’s a reason this position is a go-to for just about everyone—lots of eye contact, you can feel your partner’s weight on you, and the penetration, if you’re into that, is next-level. There’s no shame in the missionary game, but next time you get cozy between the sheets, try a tingling cream to mix things up!

2. “Legs-up missionary” – 37%

This twist on the tried-and-true missionary position gives each partner freedom of movement—deeper penetration and a variety of angles—for an amazing orgasm. Pro-tip: In this position, clitoral stimulation may be lacking, so consider a small bedroom toy designed to massage the clitoris.

Drumroll, please…it’s time for our No. 1 position—Doggy Style!

1. “Doggy Style” – 58%

There’s just something about this position that taps into something sexy, seductive, and primal. Even better? It’s one of the BEST positions to experience a G-spot orgasm! Need we say more? Ok just a little more—boost your G-spot pleasure beforehand with a cream formulated to make this legendary zone bigger and easier to locate. Win-win!