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We’ve partnered with Book+Main to have a few Romance novelists write short stories that incorporate Pure Romance Parties or Products over the coming months. This is our January edition. We hope you enjoy!

Leah has a party…by Marie Force

The buzzer rings, and I go to the door to admit my other surprise, my friend Joy from the gym, who’s a Pure Romance rep. She comes in pulling two rolling suitcases full of the goodies that will make this the best bachelorette party ever.
I clap my hands and let out a giddy giggle. “I’m so excited!”
“Your girls are gonna love this.”
“You’ll hold it together in front of Marlowe and the others, right?” When I told her who the party was for, she had a little meltdown about meeting Marlowe and Flynn Godfrey’s wife, Natalie, that she made me a little nervous.
“I promise.”
“And you signed the NDA?” I’d never allow anyone near Marlowe or the others for a sex toy party without the signed piece of paper that ensures their privacy. Emmett set me up with what I needed, like the good general counsel he is.
Joy hands me the folded page. “All set. And don’t worry. Discretion is an important part of my business, too.”
“Let’s get set up. The girls will be here soon!”

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From the Author about her Pure Romance inspired story:

Since I ended my erotic Quantum Series in October, readers have begged and pleaded for more! So when Book+Main and Pure Romance teamed up to provide bites featuring the Pure Romance products, I was ALL IN with my Quantum cast! The story begins with series favorite Leah Holt hosting a bachelorette party for her boss and friend, superstar actress Marlowe Sloane. As part of the fun, Leah invites her friend Joy, a Pure Romance rep, to do a party for the girls. Madness ensues with the Quantum ladies, and Leah challenges each of them to buy something special to take home to their significant others, all of whom are sexual Dominants. First we see what happens when Leah takes the lead with her fiancé Emmett, with hilarious results. Over the next five months, we’ll get to see what happens with each of the other five Quantum couples when the ladies come home from Leah’s bearing treats!

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