We’ve partnered with Book+Main to have a few Romance novelists write short stories that incorporate Pure Romance Parties or Products over the coming months. This is our February edition. We hope you enjoy!

A Royal Buzzzz by Nana Malone

“Her brow snapped down. “Are you okay, Penny?”
I shuddered as I gritted my teeth. Oh, I was more than okay. I was just going to kill my husband. Another wave hit me of pleasure hit me, and I almost staggered. The pulsing ecstasy through my body hit me hard. I forced myself to take a deep breath. When I’d agreed to wear the Box Office vibrator, Sebastian said he was going to play fair.
But oh no, he wasn’t playing fair. He was playing dirty. He didn’t like Chancellor Johansson talking to me. So he was trying to remind me who was in control of my pleasure.”

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From the Author about her Pure Romance inspired story:

Ohhh those sexy royals! Sebastian and Penny are two of my favorite characters. And the Winston Isle entire cast are such a reader favorite, when I was asked to do a bite for Pure Romance by Book+Main, I couldn’t help but return to everyone’s favorite royals! When we start off we get a glimpse into Sebastian, our ever so alpha King as he has a little fun with his queen during his birthday bash using a remote toy from Pure Romance. Of course Penny’s no push over, so Sebastian’s antics are cause for sexy hilarious payback. It was so much fun getting a glimpse into this couple’s HEA and of course, we get a little visit with the old cast and crew. Team Winston Isles for the win! I can’t wait for you to see what naughtiness our King and Queen get up to!

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