Get lucky this March with Pure Romance! We’ve selected our favorite products that will sham-rock your world this month! Let’s meet your lucky charms…

Toy: Get in Touch

This vibrating c-ring awakens on contact with your skin. It’s not magic (even though it might feel that way!) it’s touch sensor technology! Get in Touch is enhanced with contact-responsive sensors that only vibrate when touching your skin. Its flexible but snug ring and clitoral massager paired with 6 vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns equals perfect partnered pleasure!

The more you know…

A “wegasm” is a term coined for when you and your partner experience your orgasms simultaneously! C-rings like Get in Touch are a great way to help you and your partner keep in-sync till the grand finale! Why? Also called a constriction ring, c-rings help people with penises maintain and enhance erections to last longer, while simultaneously providing simulation to the clitoris for their partner! According to a recent study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, concurrent climaxes during intercourse are associated with stronger relationships, more sizzling sex lives, and a happier outlook on life! Read more about the elusive wegasm in this article by Women’s Health!

Here’s what one customer had to say about Get in Touch:

Review by RR
“I loved all of the vibration options and speeds! I got there quick, four times to be exact! ? It fit well and snug on my husband, but it was not uncomfortable for him at all…Plus, we bought other products that he enjoyed! I’m already looking forward to our next alone time.”


Lubricant: Whipped Red Cream Soda

You don’t need to be Irish to get kissed—you just need Whipped Red Cream Soda! Infused with the taste of cherries dipped in cream and brown sugar, this kissable lubricant is perfect for foreplay and yummy oral favors. Plus, its creamy consistency is ideal for use with male sleeves and c-rings—the perfect pairing for c-rings like Get in Touch!

The more you know…

Did you know that all of Pure Romance lubricants are pH-balanced? This is important because a healthy vaginal pH level helps balance the beneficial bacteria that fight infections in the vagina. Click here to read more about our lubricant selection and find the perfect one for you!

Here’s what one customer had to say about Whipped Red Cream Soda:

Review by Ashlee T.
“It definitely spiced up things in the bedroom for me and my husband!! It tastes great and added a lot of fun!”


Wellness: HeLi Body Soak infused with CBD

When you find that treasure at the end of the rainbow, it might just be full of HēLi Body Soak! Relieve the stress of the day and nourish your skin with mineral-rich Epsom salt infused with 240 mg of CBD isolate and cannabis sativa seed oil. Just add a cupful to your next bath to melt the cares of your day away! For more information about our CBD-infused products, click here.

The more you know…

According to Consumer Reports, over a quarter of the US population has tried CBD and those rates are growing fast! Join the CBD revolution with HēLi Body soak! For more information on our CBD-infused products, check out our FAQ Page here.

Here’s what one customer had to say about HeLi Body Soak:

Review by Anna B.
“I can feel all my tense muscles just relax and it’s amazing! The smell of it is also good and relaxing…I love it!”


Bath & beauty: The Blooms En Noir Collection

Spring is in the air and it smells like an intoxicating bouquet of midnight florals, blackcurrant and cedar wood. Spring smells like Blooms En Noir…and now you can too! This irresistible scent is available in all your Pure Romance favorites, including Coochy, Nourishing Body Lotion, Body Dew and Kiss. Not only will you smell amazing, but with these skin-loving products, your skin will be glowing as bright as the spring sunshine!

The more you know…

Kiss and Body Dew Blooms En Noir are also infused with pheromones! According to an article by Better Help, “people who produce an elevated level of pheromones tend to have sex more often, feel more confident and sexually attractive, and can bond with others.”

Here’s what one customer had to say about Blooms En Noir:

Review by Brandy
“This scent takes this product to the next level. I absolutely love this scent! It’s literally “Pure Romance.” Seductive without being overpowering.