Make the money YOU want to make, the way you want to make it. Flexibility, sisterhood, and access to award-winning bath, beauty, and intimacy essentials are just a few of the perks of becoming a Pure Romance Partner.

Curious? We thought so! Let’s talk success and the 5 things that set Pure Romance apart. As a Partner, here’s what you can look forward to.

There’s something for everyone.

Your customers can shop, learn about their bodies and sexuality, host their own party, or join your team and start making money too. Pure Romance has products and sex-positive information for everyone, so you’ll always play an important role for the people who party with you, no matter what they’re looking for.

Hours that fit your life.

A handful of hours a month or 10 hours a week, when you work is up to you! Get started bright and early each morning or punch in late and use that night owl mojo. Many of our Partners party around kids, classes, and even full-time jobs.

Must-have products Designed by women for everyone, our bath, beauty, and intimacy products have a cult following—for a reason!

We stand by their quality, top-notch ingredients, and the unbelievable experiences your customers will have with them. Plus, many Pure Romance products are consumable, so when your customers run out of their favorite shaving cream—they’ll be looking to you for more!

Support like no other.

Imagine hand-delivered training and marketing materials, sexual health content, top-notch product development, and the most up-to-date information right at your fingertips. You get real people and real support at Pure Romance. At HQ, we work hard to give you everything you need for success, including all-star customer support. We’re with you every step of the way.

Over 30,000 Partners worldwide are living beyond all limits with Pure Romance—and you can too. Contact your favorite Partner or visit to get started!