Do you ever feel like there’s a crazy amount of misinformation on the Internet about sexual health? Yeah, we do too! When it comes to sexual health and well-being, we’re all about the FACTS—and sharing them with everyone. Ready for the lowdown on five common sexual health myths? Great! Let’s go!

1. Fact or fiction? Toys are only meant for solo play.
Fiction *sigh of relief*! While masturbation with a toy has many health benefits and can certainly get you to O-town, using a toy with a partner should never be out of the question! Tbh, partner play with a vibrator is the perfect way to try something new and exciting in the bedroom while also heightening intimacy (yes, please!). But, we get it, introducing your partner to your perfect friend that goes buzz in the night might be a little intimidating—luckily, it doesn’t have to be! And, if you need help picking your pleasure, you know we’ve got you covered!

2. Fact or fiction? Sex toys numb your clitoris sensitivity over time.
Fiction! Completely untrue. Let’s shut this myth down once and for all, shall we? If you’re clitorate (yes, we did that) then you know, your clitoris loves quality time with your vibrator just as much as you do! While the clitoris is sensitive and experts say you should use a lubricant for clitoral play, stimulation from a vibrator will not decrease sensation over time.

3. Fact or fiction? Lubricant is for vaginal dryness.
Fact AND fiction—what?! Hear us out. While lubricant CAN be used for vaginal dryness, lubricant makes any kind of intimacy more slippery, and frankly, more enjoyable. Sex with a partner? Anal play? Oral favors? With a c-ring? These are all scenarios where a lubricant is totally appropriate—and absolutely necessary! If you’re asking yourself, “but what kind of lubricant do I use?” that’s easy! Find the best lubricant for you here.

4. Fact or fiction? Clean your toys with soap and water after each use.
Don’t you dare, this is fiction! Soap can actually dry out and crack the surface of your toy. No matter what material your toy is made of, it should be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use with a proper toy cleanser to prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your toy as good as new! So, what will get the job done? Cleaning Mist is a gentle, paraben-free spray that cleanses and protects your toys. The powerful ingredients remove bacteria without irritating even the most sensitive areas. Sounds like a winner to us!

5. Fact or fiction? “Sex” is NOT a dirty word and good sexual health is vital to your overall well-being.
Major fact! Shake that shame once and for all. Gone are the days of feeling guilty about being a person who loves sex, solo or with a partner! Owning your sexuality while taking charge of understanding and taking care of your body is worthy of being praised, embraced, and most importantly, talked about! Want more facts, resources, and education about sexual health? Check out The Patty Brisben Foundation, a sex-positive organization supporting sexual health awareness and research for everyone, everywhere.