The bedroom is hot and all, but with the weather getting warmer, it’s time to take those romps outside.

When spring comes around, there’s more you can do outside than taking a walk or hitting the hiking trails. No, we’re not talking about picnics either: what we have in mind is a little more intimate and a lot more naughty.

Now, let’s be clear: there are some serious do’s and don’ts when you’re thinking about bow-chicka-wow-wow outside the house. So before you bare it all, we want to make sure you’re well covered (no pun intended).


  • Check your surroundings. The last thing you want is a stick poking you in places a stick should never poke. Make sure the area is clean, free of debris, and for the love of everything good, PLEASE check for poison ivy or other unsavory plants.
  • Lay a blanket down. There’s something raw and animalistic about having your way with your partner in the wild, but we think a nice barrier between dirt, bugs, and plants is a good compromise.
  • Freshen up afterward. If you’re going for a literal “roll in the hay,” (or grass), your skin is likely to get irritated. Cleaning your skin and body of any irritants will keep you happy, healthy, and ready for the next encounter. Try our Body Dew to lock moisture in– trust us, your bare skin will thank you!
  • Keep your clothes close by. If you have to get dressed in a flash, nothing is worse than forgetting where you put those very important pants.
  • Watch out for bugs. We can’t think of anything that kills the mood faster than a bee flying into your hair while you’re trying to get things going. We don’t know about you, but we’re into a different kind of buzz!


  • Do it in public places. This should go without saying, but a park bench is just a bad place to get busy. Unless you want to be the top segment on the 5 o’clock news, we would recommend keeping it out of everyone’s eyesight.
  • Give the neighbors a reason to peek. An outdoor romp is supposed to be secretive, a little taboo, and a whole lot naughty – but the last thing you want are nosy neighbors peeking over the fence to see what the ruckus is about. Keep the noise levels low and the body parts well hidden. This is a good chance to practice your sexy whispers!
  • Involve a tree. It’s not the same as having your lover seductively push you up against the wall. Tree bark is irritating and home to critters and insects, and most people can’t identify poisonous plants that easily – so avoid the unsexy rash just keep your distance from greenery.
  • End up on the evening news. A spot with a lot of foot traffic is probably not a safe bet for a private session, whereas someplace like a spacious campground in a tent (again, remember those inside voices!) offers more privacy and cover. Bottom line: use your best judgement when picking a spot. A moment of passion isn’t worth a mugshot.

Exploring the great outdoors and your sex life is definitely a fun combination – just remember to keep it quiet, covered, and secretive, and you’ll enjoy many steamy nights to come!