At the age of 44, I found myself looking for a side- hustle to help offset the impending college costs for my two grown children. I knew working for myself would be the best option as it would allow me the flexibility to work where I wanted and when I wanted, all while still being able to fulfill my family obligations. I had never been to a Pure Romance party and hadn’t used any of the products before joining and as strange as this sounds, I still knew Pure Romance was the best choice for me.

I have always been passionate about thoughtful conversations with my girlfriends, and subjects that pushed the envelope are my jam! I figured, “what’s the worst that could happen?” I could ‘try this business on’ to see if it fits, right?! If it wasn’t for me, I would just walk away as quickly as I walked into it. So that’s exactly what I did: I used our family’s weekly grocery money and bought a Kit.  We survived on scrambled eggs and pancakes that week while I was unpacking all the amazing products that arrived a few days later in a big discreet box. To say I was nervous is an understatement. My husband and I had recently moved our family from South Florida to a very small town in Tennessee. What was I thinking?! Here I was, smack dab in the middle of the “Bible Belt” in a new town about to sell sex toys (now looking back, I had no idea how much more than sex toys this company really is). I wouldn’t have my girlfriends to pop over and offer a supportive glass of wine or a hug. I was starting over in a new place with a new bag of tricks!

Having never used the products, I was a little nervous yet optimistic. Keeping my “why” in front of me truly set me on a course of action. Every time I felt nervous, I reminded myself that I am an advocate for women’s sexual health and that I was worthy to run a successful business. I was doing this for my family, to help the kids with college cost and to help contribute to our family funds. Plus, I believe in the mission of the company which first and foremost is to empower and educate women in a safe, intimate setting.

The income trickled in and over the course of a year I made enough money to pay for my son’s first year tuition. What an amazing sense of accomplishment! It was exactly what I set out to do. Everything came together from all the training and dedication I put into my side-hustle. What I wasn’t expecting was the sense of community that I didn’t even realize I was yearning for. The constant praise and celebratory small wins were something I had not known as a stay at home wife and mother. Over time, the confidence that I gained and the knowledge that I have learned has completely shifted who I am at the age of 52.  My future is in my hands, I am 100% in charge of my income, my savings, and my retirement. My husband and I see this business as our financially secure future.

This little part-time job has blossomed into a six-figure income and I am the leader of a multi-million-dollar team. Now, more than ever, I’m thankful I took that leap of faith back in 2012. Who could have ever predicted what 2020 had in store? Being able to swiftly pivot and move my business online and sell virtually has been huge for me. I am not just surviving – my business is THRIVING during this pandemic! I can bring my business directly into someone’s living room remotely where women can feel safe, connected, laugh, learn and shop from home. Pure Romance has truly been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself, my family, and my community!

If you’re ready to live life your way, Pure Romance is ready for you. Learn more about our incredible Business Starter options here.