I found Pure Romance completely by accident and at exactly the time that I needed to. You see, I had been married for almost 21 years at the time and I thought I was “broken” because I didn’t enjoy sex all that much. I thought I was the only one who either didn’t have a G-spot, or didn’t know where it was, or had one that didn’t work: and I felt totally alone.

The first Pure Romance party I attended was one I hosted, and it was so much fun! But more than that, the Consultant completely changed my life (and subsequently, my marriage). She shared a statistic that told me I was not alone; in fact, more women than not were in the same boat as me. She did a simple little hand gesture that showed me how easy it was to find my G-spot. She coached me on the right toy for me. And the best part of all of this? She and another Consultant, the one who shared the business opportunity with her, became my best friends.

Through our growing friendship, I never felt like they were pushing me to start my Pure Romance side gig; they only asked me about it occasionally. I always said no because I’d tried direct sales before, and it just wasn’t for me. As it turns out, the reason that they weren’t for me was because I hadn’t found the right one!  I started my Pure Romance business in December of 2018 initially to get a discount because I loved the products. I didn’t have big plans: I would hold a “Launch Party” to recoup the cost of my Kit, and then that would be it. But then, something happened at the party: my good friend wanted to start her own side-hustle and ended up purchasing her own Kit! I decided to embark on this journey with her, and the rest is history!

My husband gave me six months to “try it out”, since he knew my direct sales history very well.  So, I started learning as much as I could. I had about a million questions for my friend, my Pure Romance sponsor, and I soaked up everything I could find from the training the company provides. I had been very shy and introverted my entire life and had severe anxiety, especially in groups of people I didn’t know. But for some reason, this was different. Right away, I was helping people: singles, couples, men, women, and I was making a difference. This side hustle very quickly became my purpose and my passion! I thought to myself, “I can’t keep Pure Romance to myself, I have to share it with the world!”

By the end of 2019, just one year after I had started this side hustle, I had earned a spot as the Rookie of the Year, was a Future Leader Program Graduate, and promoted to the Director level with the company. The pandemic delayed the 2020 World Conference recognition event, where I’d walk the stage for my business achievements, but my business – and that of many other Consultants, continued to grow as we provided valuable services, products, and information to people who were stuck inside and looking for a change.

Pure Romance really is an amazing company with an awesome CEO who is all about empowering women and small business owners. Maybe you need a side gig or a hobby. Maybe you just need a little extra money each month to pay a bill or build a vacation fund. Maybe you want to quit your corporate job and be your own boss, write your own schedule, and not answer to a someone else. Whatever your reason, it’s definitely worth your time to check out all that Pure Romance has to offer. You can do it full-time, like me, or part-time, as little or as much as you want to! I work my business under the following motto: “sell the problem you solve, not the product.” Do that, and you will be successful!

The money I make and the perks of being a Pure Romance Consultant are great, but that’s not why I’m in this business. This company changed my life, and now I get to pay it forward! I am changing lives, marriages, and relationships. I am helping people with self-care and relationship care, which is huge right now given the current state of the world. I have stepped way outside of my comfort zone and I have grown so much: as a wife, a mother, a friend, a business owner, but most importantly, as a person. My business is very successful for one reason: I found something that matters to me, that I am passionate about, that’s a ton of fun, and that I don’t have to do alone. Pure Romance gives us so much support as Consultants, but even better, we have thousands of fellow Consultants all over the world who are so willing to help out another business owner. I found my best friend because of Pure Romance and I finally feel like I truly belong somewhere doing what I was meant to do!

If you’re ready to live life your way, Pure Romance is ready for you. Learn more about our incredible Business Starter options here.