Taurus Dates
April 19 – May 20

Taurus Traits
Cuddly. Consistent. Straightforward.

2021 Sexscope
This is the time to explore your independence and discover something new about yourself! Your sex life will not bore you this year, Taurus. Be prepared for your love interests to surprise you! We know you don’t like living in the gray, but 2021 is the year for you to welcome change and embrace the rewards.

You’ll feel more energy and empowerment due to having four planets (also known as a stellium) in your first house of self—including the Taurus sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. This is the perfect time to get to know your true self.

As Pluto begins its retrograde, you will be kept on your toes when it comes to your partner. This may require more attention than usual. Use your energy to loosen knots in your relationship. Look inside to gain perspective and remember to listen to your heart.

If you are single, you might find someone who is different than your usual type. Don’t be alarmed if you notice yourself wanting the opposite of what you traditionally pursue. This might be the perfect opportunity to try some new things in the bedroom.

Skinny Dip

You have plenty of options for a soothing bubble bath. Focus reviving energy and investing in self-care with some relaxing time in the tub. Try one of the seven scents available in Skinny Dip. Make sure you turn up the heat for more bubbles.

Knead Me

You love to cuddle which is why any excuse for physical touch is a good one. Plus, who doesn’t love an intimate massage? Try out this dispersible massage oil that easily washes off, so you can get sensual anytime, anywhere.

Close Contact

Get to know yourself! Close contact will match your energy. It features exclusive floating motor technology so that you feel every vibration from this toy. Feel free to explore alone or invite a partner on your adventure.

There’s a reason we call you the Tantalizing Taurus. Happy birthday month!