After hearing Sam and Maya talk about their oh so cute date ideas on their podcast, Latinas_en_Queerantine (LEQ), I had to get in touch and learn more. It quickly became clear that the quality of dates are not dependent on where they are, but rather the intentionality and care put into the ideas.

Before I share some of their wisdom, which can be used regardless of whether we end up back indoors again or not, here’s a quick backstory of their show. LEQ is a bilingual (English & Spanish) podcast made for the queer Latine/x community and really the only podcast that has gripped me for more than a couple of episodes. The hosts, Sam and Maya, do a beautiful job of talking about critical issues within our hella heterogenous community. This includes discussing queer and trans Latinx experience, highlighting immigrant experience (Maya is from Cuba), anti-Blackness (both identify as Afro-Latinas), and also gatekeeping within Latine communities.

Ok, back to the cuteness and its inspiration.

Sam shared that she fears complacency in a relationship. She let Maya know that it was time for her to step up the romance in their quarantine relationship. Like many couples during quarantine, they found themselves watching too much TV and generally engaging in pastimes that did not engender a sense of quality time.

While Maya identifies as a romantic when she has the opportunity and resources, Sam’s call to action inspired her to become creative during their lockdown.

Indoor Camping

Probably the most complex, but also my favorite, is the night they described as “indoor camping.” They have stars laid out that look like a galaxy in their apartment and so with the magic of those star stickers, plus some fairy lights, Maya created a starry night. They moved everything out of the way, created a tent with sheets, and used the tight quarters as an excuse to cuddle up and tell stories.

They spent the night in their makeshift tent making up constellations, sharing in the creative magic and enjoying that their imagination brought them closer to the stars they shared in Hawaii on a past trip. Tell me this doesn’t scream awwwwww!

Take-away: Imagination is key!

Club Quarantine (Home Dance Night)

As a dancer, I’m used to dancing at home with partners and friends, but Maya and Sam take their home dance nights to a whole new level. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, they made margaritas, tacos, nachos, and DJed all night. Though it was just the two of them and they weren’t going out, both made sure to dress up as if they were—make up, heels, the full shebang.

Because dinner and dancing were a common date style for them pre-pandemic, it was important to them to replicate that ambience in their home.

Pro-Tip: Maya and Sam recommend choosing a theme that includes music, food, and drinks to really get into a celebratory mood.

Spa Day

Like with the other examples, Maya and Sam’s spa days aren’t basic. Intentionality and quality time are emphasized here, too.

They set the mood with lowlights and burning oils, and then take steam baths with Epsom salt. They pre-prep food to have a light dinner and put on robes to replicate a luxurious spa day. Activities include facials and full body massages. Possibly most important, is that their spa day is uninterrupted by phones. They choose to put those away, so they can remain present with one another.

Take-away: Be present in the moment and remove distractions for improved quality time.

Takeaways and More…

In a similar Sam and Maya fashion, they are intentional and caring with their other dates, whether that’s karaoke, cooking, or game nights. Disconnecting from electronic distractions and anything else that might take away from the intimacy of the moment is a theme.

Care and love is another.

Maya describes that Sam’s reaction to the indoor camping date inspired her. Seeing Sam’s excitement and gratitude inspired both to keep up the practice of indoor dates.

For example, they agree that there is a difference between making dinner and eating together vs. creating a festive evening with one another. Sam and Maya talked about creating special menus with wine or champagne. Taking the time to make your partner something they really love is important.

Maya and Sam left me with, “now we know…. That we can do stuff in the house, with just us, that feels special and is just as fun, and maybe is even better…”

May this article offer some inspiration to go out and seduce your partner with what intentional intimacy can offer!

What are your most memorable dates? Let them inspire you to get creative at home.

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

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I'm a queer, polyamorous Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) Jewish pleasure activist (a term popularized by adrienne maree brown) who believes that sexual wellness and sexual liberation involve our WHOLE selves. I center identity, values, and social positioning work, playful exploration, and intimacy with self and others. I am here to support you in finding pleasurable, joyful, embodied experiences with self and sex through intentional practices geared towards your specific needs because sexual wellness and pleasure are for anyone who seeks them.