After a long year of quarantining, social distancing, and postponing plans, it’s safe to say that the world is very much ready to go back to normal… the new normal, that is, which includes the long-anticipated 2020 Olympics. As much as we’re excited to watch the best athletes in the world compete against each other, sports are not what has our attention. Rather, it’s the sex.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about the Olympic Village’s racy reputation for partying and sexcapades. In fact, A total of 450,000 condoms were distributed to Olympians in Rio in 2016. We did the math and that comes out to about 42 per athlete. Keep in mind, the Olympics last two weeks. Tokyo Olympic organizers still plan to give away over 150,000 condoms at this year, but are urging the athletes to take them home to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS issues.

Despite going forward with the Olympic Games, Coronavirus is still a threat. In Japan, social distancing rules and health measures are a top priority. It’s not a stretch, then, to assume sexual relations amongst athletes goes against health guidelines. You may have even heard the rumor that the cardboard bed frames in the Olympic Village were designed to collapse under the weight of two people to discourage any “funny business.” However, that rumor has since been debunked.

With our Olympians staying celibate (in theory) this year, there’s no better way for us to take one for the team than by celebrating the “Sex Olympics” at home. Make your country proud and bring home the gold with these Olympic-inspired events!


Make Michael Phelps proud by competing in your own version of swimming! It’s the summer Olympics, which means water play is the perfect way to stay cool… while getting hot. Before you dive into shower fun or pool play, don’t forget to add a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure, which is water-resistant and long-lasting. The best part, no need for those uncomfortable suits in this version of the sport!


While we don’t recommend you attempt a Gabby Douglas-style back flip, there are plenty of sexy stunts to incorporate into your floor (bed) routine, just make sure you stretch first. The best part of bringing this event to the bedroom is that your mattress should break the fall! Try new positions, get flexible, or incorporate our Frequent Flier Door Swing to bring your sex game to new heights!

The Marathon

If slow and steady wins the race, the same is certainly true for the elusive orgasm. Use this event as an opportunity to take things slow with your partner and make the pleasure last. When it comes to the Sex Olympics, performance enhancers are actually encouraged! Try Up All Night to prolong the fun. By the final lap, you’ll be seeing stars!

After these events, you’ll surely have to give out your own awards for “Best in Bed!” While we may not all be Olympic athletes, we can make our dreams come true with our extraordinary adventures from the safety of our own homes.