Libra Dates

September 23rd-October 23rd

Libra Characteristics

Harmonious. Selfless. Extroverted.

2021 Sexscope

Libras. Renowned communicators, gifted problem solvers, and necessary peacemakers that make the world go round. This is your year. Your gifts of communication and desire for knowledge will lead you on a self-improvement journey.

How you improve yourself is up to you, but there is no doubt you will better the lives of those around you on your journey. The north node’s transitioning through Gemini directs your personal magnetism towards continued education, spiritual expansion, and connects you to communities around the world. As Saturn reaches Aquarius trines, you’ll find yourself directing energy towards humanitarian causes.

Remember to save some energy for other areas of your life, like love and sexual gratification. Finding a compatible partner should be a main priority this year. Libra is the sign of marriage. Your charming personality and dedication to each relationship  pulls you towards the traditional pathways of love and marriage. There is no shame in following them.

Volunteer Your Time

The current state of the world may be making you feel uneasy. You crave harmony, balance, and justice and, right now, it feels like the world is lacking all those things. Focus on what you can control! If you feel the need to make a difference, do so in your neighborhood. Making a positive impact in your community will help you achieve the inner harmony you desire.

Explore Your Relationship Status

You’re a social butterfly. The idea of settling down with one person for the rest of your life may sound daunting. Your extroverted nature and draw towards marriage are causing a fracture in your inner harmony. A vibrant and adventurous sex life doesn’t end with a walk down the aisle. Incorporating toys or games into sexual activity is a sure way to spice up any relationship. Have a lustful and tantalizing affair every night with a most-loved couple’s toy which enhances pleasure for both parties.

Learn Something New

Whether you’re exploring something new about yourself or a new topic you’re excited about, throw yourself into your education. It might be time to explore new sensations in your body, like a G-spot orgasm! This exploration can be done with or without your partner, but it also helps to have an enhancement cream that will make it easier for you to find this elusive pleasure point.

Take Time for Friends


Living in a COVID-19 world and isolating during quarantine was hard on your outgoing and sociable personality. You’re usually the life of the party and thrived off your ability to make connections. You’re going to need all the energy you can get this year, so get it from your friends like a true extrovert. Throw a party with close friends only and set a special theme or, if you’re still uncomfortable with meeting in-person, have a virtual happy hour. There are many ways for you to achieve those deep, meaningful connections.

Take the time this Libra Season to do what you do best. Be sociable, be charitable, and explore something new about yourself or the world. Take time for yourself and your desires and work toward finding the inner harmony you deserve.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

social media coordinator
Vivien Fisher (she/her/hers) is a social media coordinator and blog writer for Pure Romance. She loves covering topics like sexual health, lifestyle trends, and anything related to television and film. Her interests include spending time with her pet rabbit Bernard, creating amusing and educational content for the Pure Romance platforms, and exploring all that Cincinnati has to offer.