Things between the sheets getting a little stale? Maybe you’re feeling unsatisfied, anxious, and everything in between. Listen closely. The key to an incredible orgasm is all in the hips! Shake up your boudoir routine with your hips and the power of one word:


Find your confidence on top by using your hips to spell “coconut.” As you spell the word in your head, move your hips in the shape of each letter carefully and sensually. If you follow all the loops and dips of this pattern, you’ll find your hips move in an unconventional, yet stimulating motion, guiding you to the ultimate climactic experience.

No need to take our word for it. This hip-swiveling trend has proven to be a satisfying fan favorite across the globe. People have praised this word so much that the internet nearly broke with women swearing by this tropic-inspired mantra.

It’s More Than Just a Word

If being on top it isn’t your go-to position, this simple method can help you enjoy ecstasy in more than one way.

During intercourse, you might have a little voice in your head questioning everything. “Is my partner enjoying this? Am I turning them on? Do I smell okay?” When you change your mindset and focus on the word “coconut,” that little voice gets bumped to the backseat. And, with concerns pushed aside, you’re free to enjoy every part ounce of pleasure.

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?” It applies to this intimate experience. You won’t be the only one feeling the effects. Due to the spelling and intricacy of the word, you’ll move in motions that’ll pleasure not only you, but also your partner, something that sets this sex move apart.

Make It Your Own

If you’re tired of using the word “coconut,” get creative. Find a word with the letter “Z” in it for a triple action moment like “zebra” or “zipper.” Want to hit all the sensual spots? Welcome the letter “K” into the bedroom, guiding your hips through the words “kiwi” or “kissable.” We’re not finished yet. For an extra layer of heat, spell out a word that turns you on and make it your little secret!

The “coconut” method makes it possible to have the best of both worlds in the bedroom. Free your mind and welcome a new experience that’s bound to knock everyone’s socks off.