Jumbo shrimp. Pretty ugly. A dull roar. Oxymorons are always confusing.

“Healthy fats” is no exception.

Fats seem to get a bad rap. We’d rather take a dramatic approach, thinking only of the fats that linger and harm the body if they aren’t burnt off. In actuality, there are plenty of fats that are organic, essential, and helpful. If consumed in moderation, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats can regulate your cholesterol, eliminate bad (trans and saturated) fats, and enhance your long-term health by preventing heart disease and strokes.

Let’s highlight and honor the healthy fats you can incorporate into your meals.


We’d be remiss to not mention one of the most versatile healthy fats. Avocados are potently rich in vitamins and nutrients. As a bonus, they can be incorporated into a wide array of dishes, depending on your dietary needs. Not only are they good for your vision, heart, and bones, but they simply go with everything.


Where avocados shine with their versatility, nuts shine through their diversity. Peanuts, pecans, and cashews are just a select few of the healthy fats that lower your low-density cholesterol, maintain a steady heartbeat, and reduce the risk of blood clots. It’s all thanks to how they strengthen your artery lining. Eat them in a trail mix, a salad, or by the handful, but be wary of potential allergies.


Tofu is the Swiss Army knife of healthy fats, containing potassium, iron, copper, fiber, calcium, and more. It’s also a complete protein, having a solid foundation of amino acids, without harming any animals. Its subdued flavor-profile also makes it good for both the sweet and the savory parts of your day.

Not only are these healthy fats full of positive characteristics, but those characteristics overlap dozens of times over. All of these are good for the heart. They share similar vitamins, omega-3s, and of course, dietary fat. Next time you see the word “fat” on a Nutrition Facts label, don’t be scared. Even a little fat a day keeps the doctor away.

Here is a longer list of healthy fats you may want to try:*
  • Almond/Soy milk
  • Avocado
  • Egg yolks
  • Fatty fish (salmon/tuna/mackerel/herring/trout)
  • Nuts (almond/cashew/pistachio/pecan/macadamia)
  • Oils (olive/canola/peanut/sesame)
  • Olives
  • Seeds (pumpkin/sesame/sunflower/chia/flaxseed)
  • Tofu
*Some of these fats (like fatty fish) are unapproved for weeks one and two of the Pure 21 Wellness Challenge.
Josh O'Neill

Josh O'Neill

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Josh O’Neill is a recently hired social media coordinator for Pure Romance. When he’s not in the office, Josh spends his time searching for Cincinnati’s best burger and doing standup comedy in various venues throughout the Midwest.