Sometimes, it takes two when it comes to sex. And no matter how you define your relationship status, bringing spice to the bedroom in the form of a toy can be pretty fun. If you’re new to the whole toys-for-two experience, make sure to communicate with a partner (or partners) before introducing this new element. Alternatively, if toys are a regular feature in your partnered sex, stick around to see if we have a recommendation you’ve never thought of before!

Here are 11 options for toys for couples, as well as sex positions to try. It’s practically a one-stop shop! You’re welcome.

**Note: this list is in no particular order, so feel free to scan and read up on anything that looks interesting!
  1. Double Feature

If your partner enjoys, or is open to, the idea of wearing c-rings, here’s one for you two. Unlike most c-rings, this one has two: a larger ring to slip behind the testicles, then a smaller ring to slide over the shaft. This gives maximum pleasurable pressure for your partner, while you enjoy clitoral stimulation with raised ridges and 10 different speeds and pulsing patterns! With c-rings, don’t forget to grab a creamy lubricant (like Whipped or Euforia Crème Lubricant) to comfortably get the toy on your partner.

Positions to Try: classic cowgirl or a modified cowgirl a la the waterfall
  1. Twilight Mood

Tied with #11 for the most versatile toy on the list, this bendable wand does everything you want. We recommend this for couples and solo play. However, get twice the satisfaction for both partners during penetrative sex by bending at the center and inserting.

 Positions to Try: doggy style or leap frog (modified doggy style)
  1. Sexy Spreader

There’s a reason the whole “ankles behind your ears” position is so intriguing. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s about adjusting angles for penetration, so it feels different, hits different spots, etc. Even if you’re not quite that flexible, just putting your legs up with your hands behind your knees enhances pleasure. Making these kinds of positions more accessible is what this spreader is all about! The padding’s there keep your neck comfy. The cuffs and straps are there for ankles (or whatever you like). If all of this still sounds like Greek to you, check out our position recommendations.

Positions to Try: the Butterfly or Spring Awakening
  1. Onyx Handcuffs

No kinky collection is complete without a good set (or two) of handcuffs. Enter: our silicone cuffs, complete with a removable clasp. Just about anyone can use them! You can partake in the classic cuffs-and-headboard situation but, if you ask me, the removable clasp is just begging for a little more creativity. Maybe start with cuffs on and add the clasp later to play with any length of restraint as part of a sexy role play scenario.

Positions to Try: cowboy or honestly anything you like
  1. Tickle & Whip

Two words: sensory play. In my personal opinion, an accessory like this is best paired with a blindfold (a silk scarf also works in a pinch) or position that puts the person on the receiving end (of said tickles or whips) facing away from the other person. What I mean is, each end of this double-ended toy creates such dramatically different sensations that surprising a partner with sporadic touches can be arousing for the both of you. 

Positions to Try: doggy style, leap frog (modified doggy style), and other positions with line-of-sight in mind 
  1. The Adventurer

With a textured teaser with 10 speeds and pulsing patterns on one end and an air pressure massager with five air sensation levels on the other, this vibe is all about exploration. The two of you could take turns teasing one another with each end, then focus on just the end with the circular opening. It’s designed to surround the clitoris and create a pulsing sensation that’ll have you and/or your partner seeing stars. Seriously, just check out the reviews.

Positions to Try: sideways 69 
  1. Vibrating Strapless Strap-On

This is a great pick for couples with at least one vulva in the mix. Free from all the straps and parts that go with a more traditional strap-on toy, this vibrator is double ended so the wearer/user feels the vibration from the bulb vibrator and ridged clitoral massager, while the partner enjoys the contoured shaft.

Positions to Try: Happy Scissors or Flatiron 
  1. Butterfly Effect

This next toy is perfect for dates, in or out. The textured, curved shaft is designed to stimulate vaginally, while the butterfly’s antenna ticklers stimulate clitorally. The toy can be used with and without the remote (which has a 32-foot range), so there’s freedom to play together however you like. Let them click away to get you off, then return the favor!

Positions to Try: regular seated position
  1. Box Office

Another popular panty vibe, this toy can also be used with or without the remote! Magnetic tabs keep the vibrator in place and the slim design makes it comfortable to wear out on a date. My recommendation is pairing this vibrator with a favorite thong (or panties with a slimmer section of fabric between your thighs) and snug-fitting shorts or pants to help keep everything in place. You’ll want this toy pressed against your skin to feel the vibrations!

Positions to Try: regular seated position
  1. Just One Touch

The wand with the works! The top is made with inviting spiraled ridges that make gently dragging or rubbing it against sensitive spots feel amazing. Even better, this wand has a special touch sensitive functionality. It doesn’t start vibrating until pressed to your skin, which could make for a fun surprise if incorporated into sensory play. Another cool feature is the touch function: just swipe left or right over the dotted sensor bar to change speeds.

Positions to Try: any position
  1. Get a Grip

Last but not least is our favorite pleasure sleeve that’s textured inside and out! Sleeves are often hailed as the pick for masturbation when it comes to the penis, but they’re also a great pick for partners. To mix things up, slide this on your partner and hop on top. Make it interesting by cuffing or tying your partner’s wrists behind their back, grabbing the sleeve and a creamy lubricant (see #1), and teasing away. Turn up the heat by incorporating a remote-controlled toy you can wear or hold against you and give your partner the remote.

Positions to Try: Front facing cowgirl

We hope this gives you some fun, new ideas! Our picks and positions are sure to add a little something to your intimate moments together, but it doesn’t stop here. Feel free to take any above ideas and make them your own, or even grab a new toy and pick your own position to use it. Read some more on sex toys and couple play from a sex educator here!

Whatever you decide to do together, have fun.

Serena Clement

Serena Clement

Serena Clement (she/her/hers) is a Senior Writer at Pure Romance and an aficionado of all things sextech. As a queer BIPOC with a B.A. in English and Minor in Creative Writing, Serena is a fresh, no-nonsense voice in the world of sexuality and wellness. In and out of the office, her interests include crafting engaging copy, celebrating diversity, and up-and-coming sex technology. Her years-long background in both product development and copywriting gives her a unique lens for her career at Pure Romance. And, when not at work on upcoming products, Serena spends time scribbling flash fiction or cozying up on her couch with the latest RPG.