People respond with excitement and surprise when they learn what I do. Often, I’m the first sex professional they’ve met. This can be especially true in communities of color and immigrant populations. Though sex education/coaching is a growing field, finding culturally relevant resources can still be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Below you’ll find a (very non-exhaustive) list of Latine/x sex & body educators/coaches. Some post in English and/or Spanish (while not listed, some Portugese & French speakers are also under the Latine umbrella) and offer great content.

I’m not Latine/x, should I keep reading?

Following people of different identity groups can offer new perspectives on things we think we know. It can also offer a window into experiences we’ll never have which can increase empathy.

I guess I’m Latine/x but why does identity matter? 

I remember my first session with a Latina therapist. It felt like a game-changer. What for years was dismissed by others was instantly understood and deconstructed with someone who understood culturally impacted values. Latinidad is not a monolith and we have different cultures, music, racialized experiences, migration narratives, languages, etc. Also, what we do share can lead to a deep sense of validation and being seen.

Mostly/All in English

The following educators produce content mostly or only in English. Some are bilingual and offer services in two or more languages through their websites.


Sex Positive Families, LLC | Educator | Resources in English & Spanish

Founded by Melissa (she/they), they support families seeking to raise sexually healthy children. The website is jam-packed with resources, as well as live educational opportunities. Many of the resources are also available in Spanish.


Dirty South Sex Ed | Irma, CSE

Irma (she/her) is a Texas-based educator that leads the abortion access work at Jane’s Due Process. She focuses on sexual health, abortion, and pleasure activism geared towards marginalized communities, more specifically in the south.


Queer. Afro-Latinx. Autistic.| LA Based Sex Educator & Intimacy Coordinator

In addition to being an educator and intimacy coordinator, Mx. Chelsey Morgan (they/xe) is a writer, producer, and visual media artist.


Wildilisa M Silverman, LMFT | Marriage Therapist | Sex & Relationship Therapist | Latinx Queer

Wildilisa (she/her/hers) is a bilingual, Spanish-speaking sex and relationship therapist providing support to the Latinx and BIPOC communities.


BiANCA, PhD, MA, CSES | Certified Sex Educator, Supervisor

Dr. Bianca Laureano (she/her) is an Afro-Puerto Rican AASECT Certified Sex Educator, Supervisor & Foundress of ANTE UP! (a professional development space) and the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN).


Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT | Psychotherapist

Eliza Boquin (she/her) is the co-founder of Melanin and Mental Health and owner of The Flow & Ease Healing Center. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist, and Certified Energy Healing Practitioner committed to the healing of Black/Latinx Folx.


Che Che Luna | queer nonbinary brujx 🇲🇽 | Pleasure Educator

Che Che (they/them) is a trauma-informed and somatic focused educator that often uses dance as part of their practice.


Sex + Relationship Coach | Queer Polyam Nuyorican Jewish Pleasure Activist

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez (she/her/ella) is a bilingual sex, relationships, intimacy, and identity coach that centers identity & belonging, playful exploration, and relationship to self & others.

Mostly/All in Spanish

The following educators produce content mostly or only in Spanish.


Verbo y Piel | Sex Coach: Consultas

Con el verbo en la piel, founded by journalist Ana Castillo Muñoz, is an educational platform (including podcast) for BIPOC communities & their allies. They offer educational experiences to heal relationships with bodies to reach sexual liberation, self-love, and collective pleasure/validation.

Angie Black | Sex Educator | Sexpert | Colombia

Angie Black is the founder of Hedonista Podcast and offers classes and workshops, including a free mini-course on sex toys.


Jaime Gama | Psychotherapist | Relaciones éticas – Monógamas y No Monógamas

Jaime Gama’s focus is on ethical relationships, monogamous and non-monogamous alike. Gama has a podcast and offers downloadable workshops on communication, jealousy, conflict resolution, and boundaries.


Jimena Peralta | Sex Coach | Peru

Jimena Peralta is a sex and relationship coach who is passionate about sexuality and mental health. She offers private coaching, courses and workshops, and has a podcast.


Lorena Olvera | Sexologist | Mexico

Dr. Lorena Olvera Moreno is a sex educator and sex/relationship therapist who works with clients of all sexual orientations and genders through a positive, inclusive, and liberatory lens.


Sex therapist | Psychologist & Sexologist | Colombia

Criss Zuleta offers workshops, courses, and general offerings through Full Sex Academy.


Carolina Roldán | Sex Educator/Sex Coach Certified | Mexico

Carolina Roldán offers online coaching sessions, courses, and is a sex writer. She loves making short videos that catch your attention and offer useful tidbits of information.

If you like this article and want to learn about more Latine/x sex and relationship experts, let us know and we’ll create a second list!



Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Sex Educator, Researcher, Author, Speaker
I'm a queer, polyamorous Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) Jewish pleasure activist (a term popularized by adrienne maree brown) who believes that sexual wellness and sexual liberation involve our WHOLE selves. I center identity, values, and social positioning work, playful exploration, and intimacy with self and others. I am here to support you in finding pleasurable, joyful, embodied experiences with self and sex through intentional practices geared towards your specific needs because sexual wellness and pleasure are for anyone who seeks them.