After a long taxing day, there’s nothing quite like a stiff cocktail to melt away stress and transform a negative mindset. Cocktails aren’t the only stiff stress relievers… There are even better things that won’t leave you feeling lousy the next day- add a twist with one of our amazing vibrators! Get double the relief by pairing your tried-and-true cocktail with your new favorite vibrator. Not sure how to pair your beverage of choice? Well, we put together a few of our favorites that you can try.

 Cosmopolitan and Unraveled

If your go-to drink is a cosmo, then Unraveled is the toy for you. Made famous by the sexy and stylish “Sex and the City” foursome, this sweet, yet sour refresher is so tasty, you’ll be on your third before you know it. Made with triple sec, vodka, lime, and cranberry juice, the cosmo/Unraveled duo will have your mind unraveled and your inhibitions lowered. Indulgent like a cosmo, Unraveled’s unique tickler has a tongue-like movement, while also providing added pulsing vibrations. And just like that…we bet you’ll have a new favorite combo for life!

 Dirty Martini/Euforia V39

A classy drink for a classy toy. The dirty martini has been making women feel sexy and euphoric for over a century. Experience double the euphoria with the dirty martini/Euforia V39 combo. This vaginal vibrator is the essence of luxury with exclusive Caleo technology that warms up to 104 degrees, premium silicone, and 18-karat gold plating. This duo may give a whole new meaning to “Shaken, not stirred.” 

Sex on the Beach/Make Waves

If you’re looking to make waves in your sex life, then a sex on the beach and the Make Waves vibrator combo is perfect for you. This seaside cocktail, made with peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry, and orange juice, will have you riding the pleasure wave. Pair sex on the beach with our petite, yet powerful bullet vibrator, Make Waves. This toy will have you rippling with sensation thanks to Hydrathrill technology. Its 6 oh-so-intense vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns will bring on a whole new level of vacation vibe fun!

 Old Fashioned/Double Feature

No need to ask for a double when you have the Double Feature c-ring. An understated yet satisfying pair, Double Feature and an old fashioned guarantee simplicity at its best. Some may worry about the effect whiskey can have on the gentlemen, but with Double Feature, that is a thing of the past. Made with whiskey, sugar, bitters, and a few dashes of water, an old fashioned is a straightforward, dependable drink that knows how to get the job done, just like Double Feature. This c-ring has flexible twin rings and a powerful 10-function clitoral vibrator and is rated one of our top toys for couples.

Try one or try them all! Find all the drink recipes on our Pinterest.

If you aren’t sure which pairing is right for you, take our quiz below to get perfectly matched with the right combination. Whatever cocktail pairing you choose, always remember to drink responsibly and to orgasm wildly.