Falling in love is easy in the fall. With crisp temperatures to encourage the best cuddles to outdoor adventures that light a spark, autumn is full of opportunities for a great date. Since cuffing season is right around the corner, you’ll notice more friends and family members announcing new relationships. Whether you’re looking for a significant other that’ll stick around for the long haul or a cozy cuddler that is ok for now, we have you covered. Keep reading for our our top tips and favorite fall date ideas for you and your pumpkin!

As the temperatures take a dip, it’s time to bundle up in warm sweaters, flannel scarves, and cute boots. Go on dates with your own seductive style and make sure to dress in layers. You never know when that maze will go from lazy wandering to intense race to the finish. Capitalize on fall colors with orange, red, and yellow. It’s also the perfect time to accessorize. You can’t go wrong with a scarf, chunky necklace, or hat.

It’s pumpkin season! We’re in the magical time when Starbucks reintroduces the legendary pumpkin spice latte, your mom is preparing pumpkin pie for after Thanksgiving dinner, and seemingly everything is pumpkin flavored at the grocery store. Embrace the pumpkin paradise with a carving or painting contest. Make the pumpkin a caricature of your partner, draw a scary witch, or just go with a simple, yet classic carved face. Remember to roast the seeds in the oven for a savory treat after your hard work.

Hayrides, pumpkin picking, fresh apple cider, and your boo?! There’s nothing more “fall” than heading to a local festival with all the tried-and-true sweater weather activities. Depending on where you are in your relationship, a fall festival is the perfect no-pressure situation. It’s filled with plenty on the agenda to keep the conversation flowing and even more opportunities for a cute cuddle. Don’t forget the obligatory flannels and Instagram caption declaring your date “the pick of the patch.”

Cheer for your favorite team and enjoy amazing food, all at the same time. You and your date can bond over America’s favorite pastime and enjoy the competitive, lively atmosphere of a football game. If you’re not a huge fan of the sport, at least there is food and beverages to keep you occupied. Plus, who can pass up a juicy burger? Make memories that will last a lifetime by tailgating before the game.

This one might take some more additional planning than your standard fall date. For a more elevated time, rent a romantic cabin in the great outdoors! Spend the day hiking and working up an appetite. When the sun goes down, heat things up with a sensual massage a la Heart Massager. While we would usually suggest throwing in a scary movie, don’t pick one set in a cabin in the woods! Enjoy the sounds of wildlife and cuddle up together as you enjoy some alone time.

One of the reasons this season is so great is the endless options of seasonal ingredients. In fact, did you know that many of your favorite fall foods are aphrodisiacs? According to one study, pumpkin pie was found to increase penile blood flow by an average of 40% in participants! Cinnamon, apples, and hot chocolate are also aphrodisiacs. Before you make your grocery list, avoid these anti-aphrodisiacs! Learn some new skills in the kitchen or just dance around as you prepare a meal to share together.

This season isn’t complete without all the scary, sinister, and downright spooky activities that somehow turn fright into flirtation. Whether it’s a horror flick, a haunted house, or getting decked out for a Halloween party, participating in spooky season is a relationship rite of passage. Just imagine all the opportunities there are to hold each other tight when things go bump in the night! Plus, who can deny the fun of picking out a great couple’s costume?

A romantic fall date that ends in the creation of a cute decoration? Yes, please! The options are endless. Make a pumpkin wreath, spin up spooky Halloween decorations, or give leaves a second life on a fall-themed welcome sign. Plus, you can watch Halloween classics like “Hocus Pocus” or “Beetlejuice” while you DIY. Even if the craft doesn’t look like a Pinterest masterpiece at the end, you’ll have a story to laugh about. Show off your skills and take home a memento that will last a lifetime.

A more budget friendly alternative to renting a cabin, camping under the stars in the backyard is full of playful possibilities. Build a campfire, snuggle your loved one, roast marshmallows, discover constellations (try this stargazing app!), and learn new things about each other! Our Hot Date Night Card Game is the perfect way to ask questions and make suggestions to turn up the heat for a night under the stars. Then enjoy the close quarters of your tent.

No matter what you do this fall, make sure you’re spending time with your partner and letting them know how much they mean to you. Now is the time to get cozy before you officially “fall” in love. If you’re not in the mood to leave the house and experience the chill of turning temperatures for a fall date, turn up the heat in the bedroom with our scarily satisfying sex positions. Before you know it, snow will be falling and you’ll be preparing for the holidays!