Despite sex toys being so common in today’s culture, the myths surrounding vibrators seem to keep on buzzing. We’re here to debunk these rumors and give you the facts, so you can enjoy your favorite vibe guilt-free.

Myth: Vibrators are addictive

We couldn’t bust this myth fast enough! Addiction implies a “misuse or abuse” of a particular thing, so no, you cannot get addicted to your vibrator, but you can become dependent. It’s easy to become dependent on something that makes the process of orgasm easier, that’s why variety is key. We’re not saying don’t use your vibrator every day, we’re saying use it with a partner, on your partner, or with other forms of stimulation during intercourse, or switch up your vibe daily. And that leads us to our next myth…

Myth: You can only use Vibrators alone

Vibrators are often seen as a single woman’s best friend and once you’re coupled up, they have no place in the bedroom. False. Vibrators are for everyone, no matter the sexual orientation, relationship status, or gender. Pure Romance is proud to offer a variety of toys for partnered sex, solo play, and anything under the rainbow. If you’re wondering how to incorporate sex toys into couple’s play, we have you covered.

Myth: Vibrators cause UTIs

We recommend cleaning your toy before and after each use and we don’t mean with soap and water. Use cleansing mist formulated to gently cleanse, protect, and polish your vibrators and is essential to prevent bacteria growth and keep your toy as good as new. We also recommend storing your vibrator in one of our discreet and luxurious toy totes to protect your toy from unwanted dust, bacteria, and prying eyes.

Myth: Vibrators numb your senses

A couple years ago when vibrators were increasing in popularity, the term “dead vagina syndrome” was being thrown around. This not only scared women but created another false narrative around women and pleasure. People with vulvas are often told that vibrator usage will “ruin” partnered sex and they’ll be unable to orgasm without a vibrator. This is strictly stigma… not science. Research hasn’t found anything to justify this claim. If you are experiencing numbness, the problem is not your vibrator, it could be stress, depression, medication, or an underlying health condition. Contact your OB-GYN right away if the problem persists.

Myth: Vibrators dampen your sex life

If you’re worried about your vibrator getting in the way of intimacy with your partner, that could just mean it’s time to shake up the way you’re getting down. Your vibrator should be your partner’s best friend. It should be something that creates a deeper connection between you and your partner. Vibrators also provide aid in any sexual dysfunction. After all, 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

If one of the above myths were stopping you from buying your first vibrator, it’s time to leave the stigma behind. Say hello to never before experienced pleasure! Don’t know where to begin? Take this helpful quiz!

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

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