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After three seasons of “Love is Blind,” I think it’s safe to say… love is not blind. In fact, based on the first two seasons, you have about a 5% chance of finding a long-lasting partner on the reality show. Out of about 70 contestants, 4 are still together. And I’m getting tired of men comparing the women they dated once they see them outside the pods.

We still don’t know the future for many of the contestants on this season, there are five couples who are now back in the “real world.” But, based off their interactions so far… I don’t have a lot of hope. After the pods, I am disappointed with how often some male contestants are stuck on the physical, completely denying the emotional connection they built in the pods. We don’t need another Shake.

At Pure Romance, we’re all about self-love and empowerment. We hope these couples will make decisions that are the healthiest long-term for them and, in turn, their partner. Let’s dive into the couples and their big moments. And, spoiler alert, we’ll give a solution to their problems.

Nancy & Bartise

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There always seems to be a couple that has to get past an age gap. But Nancy looked past the five-year gap (which I don’t consider too large), and they got engaged in the pods. I was actually excited for them, until Bartise saw one of the other girls he had a relationship, Raven. Then, he proceeds to tell his FIANCE that Raven is a smoke show who is the typical girl he would go for. Then, he asks if she is ok with him being that honest. My first response: run, Nancy, run!

Bartise did say no at the altar, leading to her family confronting him after it all went down. All I can say: she dodged a bullet. The guys she goes for have had some strange moments onscreen. For example, before she accepted Bartise, another cast member (Andrew) proposed to her. After she rejected him, he used eye drops in the post-proposal interview to seemingly fake tears. At least she had good judgment with Andrew.

Raven & SK

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OK, we already know the result of this relationship, but let’s go over the details. Raven is the kind of girl who you will always find in the gym. We love that she has great passion! But, she did get in the habit of working out during heavy, personal conversations in the pods, which we didn’t love as much.

Her fiancé, SK, is a strong, silent type, who is unfortunately moving out of state for grad school within months of the show ending. That’s a tough way to start a marriage and Raven is a girl who, by her own admission, is used to a certain lifestyle. While grad school won’t cost SK anything, having two apartments and living in two different places can be a drain on any relationship. That’s why SK said “I do not” at the altar. They did announce at the reunion that they are still dating and they looked happier than ever!

Zanab & Cole

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Here’s another man who tells his fiancé he thinks another woman from the pods is more attractive. Just… why? What even say that? Cole takes it a step further and has a conversation with the woman, Colleen (who is engaged to another man), about how she’s his type and he would approach her in a bar and she agreed she would approach him as well. He and fiancé Zanab also seem to argue about small things, like the difference between “good” and “great.” He also asked her if she was bipolar during an argument, which seemed to come wildly out of nowhere. Girl, is a relationship worth fighting for.

At an explosive wedding, Zanab rejected Cole saying he disrespected, insulted, and critiqued her. She ended the speech saying he “single-handedly shattered my self-confidence.” Don’t even get me started on the cuties story that is sparking debate online. Their communication broke down almost immediately after leaving the pods. These two really aren’t meant for each other.

Colleen & Matt

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Matt did not like the conversation Colleen and Cole had… not one bit. In fact, he almost left the show when he heard about it. He does this not once, but twice so far. The two seemed to get past the conversation in Malibu. But, when Cole’s fiancé Zanab brings it up again later in the show, Matt also gets angry. Then Colleen decides to stay out late and go to a club, he threatens once again to leave while she’s out. We later learn they talked on the phone about her going out and he does not remember the call at all. My issue with Matt is that he’s quick to anger and runs when things get hard. Colleen, you need a man who will stay and talk things out.

They did end up saying “I do” at the altar, but Colleen’s face is still imprinted on my brain from the reunion. She looked uncomfortable the entire time. The two still don’t live together due to lease issues, but we’ll see what happens when they start cohabitating.

Alexa & Brennon

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These two were the first to get engaged on the show, so producers have made them out to be the ones to root for this season. It seems to have come a little late (two seasons too late), but Alexa is the first curvy woman to be featured and I love her body positivity! Alexa and Brennon don’t have any major problems and they ended up saying “I do.”

At the reunion, they did admit that they finally had a few disagreements once they lived together, but they still seem to support and love each other. Ladies, get yourselves a man who respects you like Brennon respects Alexa.

If you’re in the dating world and you find most of the men are comparing you to women they find hotter, that’s not a promising start. It may be time to say, “Girl, bye.” There’s one thing that won’t let you down in the dating world, a trusty vibrator. Sometimes it’s best to let things go and settle in for some self-care.

Tori Tromblay

Tori Tromblay

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