Advent calendars are a great way to get in the Holiday spirit… and possibly get closer to your loved one. We have the perfect way to celebrate the season and show your love for your partner with a love note Advent calendar.

What is Advent?

Advent is the Christian season of preparing for Jesus’ birth that starts four Sundays before Christmas. Many people celebrate with calendars, which count down the days to Christmas with a surprise each day. You may be familiar with chocolate, wine, or the famous Aldi beer Advent calendars.

How to make your own DIY Calendar

Instead of giving candy or another small treat for each day, why not write love notes to your partner so they have one to open each day leading up to Christmas. You can either buy a pre-decorated calendar, or get a blank one from your local craft store and decorate it together for date night!

What do you write?

These don’t have to be traditional love notes, you can mix them up! For some of the days you can do your favorite things about them. On other days, you can do favorite memories. You can also write reasons why you love them. This is where you can get creative. Since there are 24 days you could do eight of each of those three prompts, and even use specific colors of pens and/or paper for each type of note.

What are some prompt suggestions?

Try to not be too generic with notes like, “I love you because you’re so sweet.” While that is a good thing to say, try and be a little more specific. Go for something more along the lines of, “I love you because of how you make everyone around you feel cared for.” This will show that you pay attention to those things and that their actions don’t go unnoticed. Try and put a lot of effort and thought into these notes to make them the most impactful! Here are some more suggestions:

  • What is your favorite quirky habit of theirs? How does it make you feel?
  • What is the first thing you thought when you first met them?
  • What do they do for you that makes you fall in love with them all over again?
  • How do you feel when they hug you after a long day?
  • What do you envision for your future together?

You can also throw in a couple of funny ones to balance out the sappy ones, like favorite memories! This will make you both laugh, and you will be reminiscing about all the silly stuff that has happened to you. Some of the best bonding moments happen through laughter. You can also throw in some silly and cute things you love about them. For example, “I love the way your nose crinkles up when you laugh really hard.”

Show off your love!

Once your calendars are full and decorated, you are ready to count down! Each day from December 1st through the 24th, plan a time to sit down together and open the note of the day. People love being reminded that they are loved. Saying I love you can become routine but saying why you love someone can grow your connection.

Taking time to do this together will also give you reason to slow down and make communicating a routine. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of the holiday season. So having this time together will help you remember what is important. So, plan a crafty date night and get your holiday season counted down the right way!

Kaitlyn Craig
Kaitlyn (she/her/hers) recently graduated in May 2022 from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s in English. She loves reading, writing, and crocheting (specifically stuffed animals!) She is from Paducah, Kentucky, and has worked for Pure Romance since July 2022. She is very passionate about talking about books and the various impacts they can have. She even has a podcast called "The NeverEnding TBR." She would love to one day be an author and create characters that can impact others the way her favorite characters have impacted her!