Sometimes, the best gift for your S.O. isn’t one you can purchase. Give the gift of pleasure this holiday season in more ways than one with our go-to holiday-themed sex positions! Santa Claus won’t be the only one coming this December. Read on for our five favorites.

The Sleigh Ride

Picture it. You and your partner are on an intimate carriage ride through Central Park in picturesque snow fall. What’s more romantic than a sleigh ride through Central Park? How about a sleigh ride through your bed sheets! Have yourself a cowgirl Christmas this holiday season with the Sleigh Ride. Simply have your partner lay down on their back with knees slightly bent up while you kneel, straddling their pelvis, on top. Slide up and down on their thighs while supporting yourself by either pushing off your partner’s chest or leaning back on their legs.

Jingle Balls

No, you didn’t read that wrong! The family jewels are an intense erogenous zone that rarely get the appreciation and love they deserve. For easy access to your partner’s testicles, have your partner lie down while you hop on top either facing away or forward. Remember to be gentle! This is a sensitive area, and a gentle cupping or caress is all you need to not only increase your partner’s satisfaction, but make you seem like the pro you are.

Stocking Stuffer

This position requires somewhat advanced technique and a chair with support. If you’re looking for deep penetration and the ability to get a toy involved, the Stocking Stuffer is for you. One partner stands while the other is elevated with legs straight up against their partner’s body. To maximize the elevated partner’s pleasure, place a hand under their buttocks and lift up and down for increased sensation.

Not so Silent Night

Or maybe a muffled one… You don’t mess with perfection and the classic 69 is just that. With this position, practice makes perfect. The Not so Silent Night involves giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously. Doing two things at once isn’t the simplest thing in the world, but with a little effort, a little reassurance, and a whole lot of love, this could be your new favorite position for 2023.


Get ready to be put on the naughty list with this next position! If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world of BDSM, this could be the perfect starter position for you. Have your partner straddle a chair so their booty is on the edge of the seat while their chest is on the seat’s back. Tie their ankles and legs to the chair and their wrists behind their back. This position is perfect for deep penetration or anal play.

This holiday season, remember that being naughty isn’t always a bad thing, especially when trying our holiday-themed sex positions.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

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