There’s nothing wrong with getting a little wild in the bedroom. Over the past couple decades (and especially since the 2011 release of “50 Shades of Grey”), the world of BDSM has made the transition from taboo to practically traditional. In fact, a recent study found that “93% of men and 96% of women had fantasized about some aspect of BDSM before” and at least 50% have tried it IRL. It’s hard to deny how arousing it can be to get tied up by your partner (or vice versa) to explore the Dom/sub power structure and vulnerability that bondage breeds.

This blog covers our top 10 favorite bondage sex positions to try– but before you start tying your partner up to the headboard, we urge you to check out a few of our other blogs if you are a bondage beginner.

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Mission: Possible

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Supplies: Wrist & Ankle Restraints

How To: Just as missionary is one of the easiest positions to perform during sex, Mission: Possible is probably the easiest to grasp for bondage beginners. Simply have partner 1 lie down on their back with wrists restrained above their head, legs spread, and ankles restrained at the bottom of the bed. Then, partner 2 gets on top, missionary style.

Hot tip: Our Bed, Bondage, and Beyond product is perfect for this position! Slide the adjustable straps under any size mattress and position the soft cuffs at the head and foot of the bed for a sexy, stretched-out position.

Controlling Cowgirl

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Supplies: Wrist & Ankle Restraints

How To: Like “Mission: Possible,” have partner 1 lying on their back and restrained at the wrists and ankles. The other partner will then straddle partner 1, either facing forward or reverse.

Hot Tip: Every cowgirl needs tools to whip their bucking bronco into shape. Try the Tickle & Whip to take control when things get wild.

Freaky Frogger

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Supplies: Wrist Restraints

How To: Have partner 1 lie stomach down with wrists bound above their head. Then, lift their hips up with knees bent under them and legs spread while partner 2 enters from behind.

Hot Tip: You can also use restraints separated with a pole on each of partner 1’s legs to keep them spread open and all yours.

Dominating Doggy

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Supplies: Wrist & Ankle Restraints

How To: Partner 1 will be in the same downward position as Freaky Frogger, on their knees with their hips up. However, this time bind their ankles together and then restrain their wrists behind their thighs on each side of their ankles while partner 2 enters from behind.

Hot Tip: This is the perfect position for backdoor play. Try an anal toy like Midnight Desire, with four beads that allow you to ever-so-slowly build to a mind-blowing finish.

Stand and Deliver

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Supplies: Wrist and Ankle Restraints

How To: Have partner 1 stand and bend at the waist. Then, while feet are spread shoulder-width apart, secure each wrist to their respective ankle side. Partner 2 enters from behind.

Hot Tip: Use two sets of our Onyx Handcuffs for this position, one for the right wrist and right ankle, and the other for the left wrist and left ankle! Each handcuff features removable clasps so they can fasten not only to your wrists, but your ankles, bed frames, and more!

The Hot Seat

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Supplies: Wrist and Ankle Restraints, a Chair

How To: Have partner 1 sit in a chair with ankles tied to each front chair leg and wrists tied behind the back. Partner 2 can penetrate, receive oral favors, tease their partner with toys, or try some interrogation roleplay!

Hot Tip: Make the Hot Seat even more sizzling by blindfolding partner 1 so their other senses are heightened, yet they are completely unaware of what partner 2 has in store.

The Frequent Flyer

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Supplies: Frequent Flyer Door Swing

How To: Place the bars over the top of the door, then close and lock the door to secure the straps. Adjust the seat height with the strap locks, then use the seat and position the lower straps under partner 1’s ankles or thighs, using the upper straps as hand grips.

Hot Tip: As Partner 2 enters from between the legs, they can take hold of the seat to angle partner 1’s hips for ultimate satisfaction and control.

The Sexy Spreader

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Supplies: Wrist Restraints

How To: While laying on their back, bind partner 1’s wrists out of the way and have them lift both legs in a V-shape toward their head. Have partner 2 enter from on top, pushing ankles back (comfortably) while they thrust.

Hot Tip: To keep partner 1’s legs over their head, try our Sexy Spreader, with adjustable straps for each ankle/calf to keep legs securely spread.


Difficulty Level: Advanced

Supplies: Rope Restraints

How To: While partner 1 lies on their stomach, bind ankles together with their knees bent so their ankles are near their butt. Then, restrain wrists behind their back and tie them together with their bound ankles. Wrists and ankles should not be touching—a comfortable length of rope should keep them distanced, yet secure.

Hot Tip: While this is a great position for penetration by partner 2, try it with oral favors, too! Give partner 1 a pea sized amount of Great Head to keep their throat relaxed and curb their gag reflux.

Over the Moon

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Supplies: Rope Restraints, Chair

How To: Have partner 1 lie chest down over a chair with knees on the floor. Restrain each knee to the bottom of the side two chair legs and their upper arms to the other two chair legs.

Hot Tip: To increase restriction and vulnerability, bind wrists together and/ or fasten a rope to each ankle and bend them up towards the thigh.

Looking for a way to take any bondage session to the next level? Consider adding a toy into the fun!