Gemini Characteristics

Expressive, Sociable, Playful

Gemini Dates

May 21 – June 21

First things first, happy birthday Geminis! You’re one of the most vibrant sun signs and we love your vibe! Infectious energy and new ideas not only help the rest of us see things in new light, but also remind us that a little curiosity is never a bad thing. 

Want some words to remember as Gemini season gets into full swing? “New” and “nonstop.” Now is the time for all things adventure. So if you put things on pause, here’s your sign to hit play. You might have a habit of not looking before you leap, but now’s the time – especially June 11 through June 26 as Mercury enters its home sign and sets the stage for good communication.

What else is up for our favorite twin signs this year? Let’s get into it!

Mind Horoscope

Greater focus on communication can be especially beneficial in the first half of the year but make clarity a point. Misunderstandings can take up a lot of mental space but are, fortunately, preventable. So, take care with your words but don’t let that stop you from reaching out and deepening connections with friends, family, and romantic interests. 

At the same time, trust your intuition. Good communication can also mean no communication, so maybe don’t call your ex back. If people with negative energy try to enter (or re-enter) your inner circles, protect your peace by making the conscious decision to cut ties. Snip away and use the time to do something for yourself instead.

Body Horoscope

As the first half of the year spotlights communication, physical relationships are naturally in the mix too. Sex and intimacy with different people are very much possibilities and deciding on just one might be tough! Friendly reminder: it’s 2023 and if you find yourself getting curious about non-monogamy, play all you like! 

On the flipside, if you’re single and not feeling ready to mingle, it’s okay. Focus on your connection to your own body with embodiment exercises and masturbation affirmations. The more you know what you like, the more you can give a partner a little nudge in the right direction. Even better? Invite a totally  to bed and explore yourself head to toe. 

Spirit Horoscope

Nothing revitalizes inside and out like travel and the wealth of new sensations and experiences. Jupiter’s on the move in the third quarter of the year so, Gemini, pack your bags too! If the opportunity to visit a dream spot opens, jump on it. 

If you’re potentially traveling with a partner, bring our restraints set along. Satiny wrist/ankle ties plus a blindfold shouldn’t phase TSA. How much fun does a sexy taste test sound? We’re thinking bites of delectable new cuisine but make it sexy with a blindfold. You’re the dessert course, of course.

If you’re potentially flying solo, take a travel friendly vibe! There’s no reason pleasurable globetrotting’s reserved for couples. Take a toy or two, take the outfits that make you feel your best, and do revitalization Gemini-style.

We’ll leave you on a positive note. The coming year is going to be a great one for you. Take breaks and recharge as you navigate the abundance of opportunities that come your way. You can achieve anything you set your mind to! Best of luck and may the stars be with you!