W ine pairings are as old as wine itself, and discovering that perfect balance of taste plus sensation? It’s truly an art. So, we asked a real wine sommelier (read: wine expert) if you could pair wine with sex toys. Their answer: Ohhhh, yes!

The Classics

When sommeliers talk about a classic wine, they’re talking the tried-and-true elegance of Bordeaux, Chianti, and Burgundy—wines that keep for a long time and go well with pretty much anything.

Expert pairing: Vaginal vibes and bullets
Like the versatile applications of these old-world wines, bullets and vaginal vibes are the absolute go-to. Whether it’s the versatile vibrations of Opening Act or the luxurious warmth of Euforia V39, these toys are the perfect go-to for any kind of play!

Light and Floral

What Somms call “sociable” wines are usually made from fresh, youthful grapes: the light pink grenache grapes that make rosé, the sweet muscat grapes that make moscato, or the fresh pinot meunier grape behind the diamond-sparkle of fine Champagne.

Expert pairing: C-rings and wands
Just like a bottle of sweet rosé, couples toys are made to share AND just as wonderful to enjoy alone—they double as solo clitoral vibes in a pinch! You and your partner could explore the dual rings of Double Feature, or the endless flexibility of Twilight Mood!

Deep and Intense

Some wines are an adventure all on their own. Rich, opulent red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and buttery, complex wines like Bianco Rioja are made from grapes fully-ripened to perfection, and need the most careful attention in the vineyard.

Expert pairing: Dual-action vibes
With unique clitoral massagers and extra features like Triple Orgasm Machine’s thrusting, spinning shaft action, and pulsing patterns or the independently controlled motors of Main Attraction, dual-action vibes offer an incredibly intense experience that will take your breath away…like a dark and velvety Pinot Noir.