Dogs. Diamonds. That one person who’s always there for you. Society tells us that these are our best friends.

But I beg to differ.

As a counterpoint to the items above, may I suggest that personal lubricants are our true besties.

Wait. Hear me out.

The Importance of Personal Lubricants

In my 20+ years as a sex writer, I’ve repeatedly heard the same misconception about lubricants. To boil it down, folks think that to need lube is to admit that something is wrong with them. That they’re not wet enough.

While it’s true that certain things can cause vaginal dryness (everything from aging and hormonal shifts to the use of medication), necessitating the use of personal lubricants during penetrative sex, lube can also enhance sexual pleasure for all of us, and in every sexual scenario.

Yes, lubricants can minimize pain if you’re experiencing dryness.

But personal lubricants also make sex safer by reducing friction, lessening your risk of injury. Using a personal lubricant while also using a condom makes it less likely for the condom to fall off or break. And—my personal favorite—lube can turn your bodies into an extra fun, sexy slip-and-slide, no matter what you’re trying in bed.

I love lube! Can I get an amen?

We’ve already shared info on the different types of personal lubricants that exist, and how they differ from each other. But for some additional inspiration, I wanted to highlight some of the personal lubricants offered by Pure Romance, and when it might be best to use them.

Use This Water-Based Lubricant When You’re Locking It Down with Your Brand-New Fling

Water-based lubricants are thinner than other types of lubricants, and easy to wash off afterward: off your sheets… off your clothes… among other things. They won’t damage latex barriers like external condoms and dental dams, or internal condoms, which are often made of polyurethane or nitrile. Plus, they’re also safe for use with all types of toys.

For these reasons, water-based lubricants are a common favorite for all types of sexy scenarios.

We suggest you try our Just Like Me Original lubricant when you bring that Hottie McHotterson back to your place for the first time, mainly because of its versatility.

And if you’re having a fling with a new favorite toy—one that’s just as versatile as your lube—this works for that, too.

Just be sure you have a full bottle on hand. Water-based lubricants can dry out quicker than others, so you may need to apply more if you’re having a marathon sex session.

Use This Silicone-Based Lubricant When Your Partner Slips into the Shower for Some Backdoor Action

Silicone-based lubricants are great for when you need a lube that will last longer, and that won’t wash away quite so easily. They’re also thicker than water-based lubricants, making them ideal for those who experience more dryness, or who need a bit more help with penetrative sex. In fact, they’re often considered the best option for anal sex, as—unlike the vagina—the anus doesn’t naturally lubricate itself.

Try our Pure Pleasure silicone-based lubricant for when you want to use the shower for more than just washing your hair.

And if you’re thinking of trying out our Midnight Desire anal vibrator, or one of our other anal toys, your bottle of Pure Pleasure will be there for you.

Use This Emollient-Based Lubricant with That New Toy You Bought for Quality Time with Your Partner

Emollient-based lubricants have more of a lotion-like consistency and are also longer-lasting than water-based lubricants. They’re known to give a damn good glide, making them great for use with toys and penetrative sex.

Try one of our Whipped lubricants next time you get busy with your lover and keep it at the ready for when you whip out our Close Encounter c-ring. Because why should just one of you get a buzz?

Of course, you can use our lubricants in many more scenarios than just these, but we hope they get those ideas—and more—flowing.

Stephanie Auteri

Stephanie Auteri

Journalist, author, & sex educator
Steph Auteri has written about sexuality for the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Pacific Standard, VICE, and other publications, and has collaborated with folks at the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), the Center for Sex Education, and Good in Bed. She is the author of A Dirty Word, a reported memoir about how female sexuality is so often treated like a dirty word.