It’s time to celebrate women. We deserve it! For centuries, we were not allowed to vote, own land, get credit cards, or go on ships because it was bad luck. And that’s just a summary.

You may think, “but we’ve made so much progress since women fought for and earned the right to vote in 1919.”

Here’s the real brain scrambler. Women’s History Month officially began with a declaration from Congress in 1987. In Saudi Arabia, women weren’t even allowed to drive until 2019. That may seem like a problem half a world away, but spousal rape wasn’t criminalized in all 50 states until 1993. It took us more than 70 years since earning the right to vote to get to this milestone and yet spousal abuse is still a huge issue we face today.

We have a lot of work to do. This year’s theme is “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Women’s History Month and make a difference, here are a few things you can do this month.

Learn about women’s history

With the creation of the internet, we have an unlimited number of resources to turn to if you want to educate yourself. There are plenty of museums that have blogs with information. You can also visit these museums or check to see if there is a local Women’s History Month event near you.

Support a women’s nonprofit

Find a nonprofit that supports women empowerment. There are plenty to choose from. You can advocate for the future of young girls by supporting Girls Who Code. You can support more research for sexual health with the Patty Brisben Foundation. Or choose how you want to get involved in the women’s rights movement with the National Organization for Women.  Whether it’s donating time or treasure, you can help!

Host Women’s History Month party

How do you celebrate women? Gather all your best friends and celebrate each other! Create a special theme where everyone comes as their favorite female hero. Watch an empowering movie about the suffragist movement. Check out more theme and food ideas on our Pinterest page.

Write a thank you note to an inspiring woman

We all have at least one woman in our life who has inspired us and made us who we are. Write them a letter telling them how much you mean to them! Don’t just write one. Write letters to encourage women to keep fighting for their rights. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t even have to be handwritten as long as it’s genuine.

Support women-owned businesses

When considering where to go shopping, you have plenty of options. Here at Pure Romance, we know the joy and hard work that goes into being a woman-owned business. Founder Patty Brisben was a single mother who started the company from her home! Support women by shopping at women-owned brands. You can easily find lists of quality products online.

Become a mentor

Empower women by empowering young women. You can share you experiences, life lessons, and advice by working with an organization that connects mentors with mentees. There are many organizations that do this. Find the one that works best for you and make a difference in a young girl’s life.

Find your shero

 There are so many women to look up to every day. We created a quiz so you can find your shero.

March may be Women’s History Month, but that doesn’t mean this is the only time you can celebrate! Try one, or them all, and see the difference you can meet.

Tori Tromblay

Tori Tromblay

Special Projects Producer
Tori Tromblay (she/her/hers) is a book enthuisiast, cat lover, and Cincinnati native. She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism. After traveling to New York, D.C., London, and Tulsa, she settled back home, where she lives with her husband and two cats. She has worked for Pure Romance for two years and loves to learn and teach about sex education.