For Northern Hemisphere folks, summer’s peeking around the corner. And with it comes higher hemlines, shorter sleeves, and lots and lots of sun. Since we’ll be wearing less as things heat up in and out of the bedroom (who doesn’t love a Summer romance?), it’s time to switch up your body care routine. I mean, is there anything better than feeling like your sexiest, most confident self, sunup to sundown? I don’t think so!

So how do you do it? What’s the secret to your sexiest Summer yet? Actually there are six secrets. And we’ve got the “what” and “why” on ‘em all.

Conditioning Shave Cream

First up, a no-brainer: our bestselling shave cream. Not only is there a scent for everyone, but also a blend of skin and hair conditioning ingredients that’ll seriously change the way you shave.
Soften follicles and avoid ingrown hairs with jojoba oil & panthenol. These ingredients also moisturize your skin, so you can enjoy that just shaved feeling. This best seller also has allantoin, which helps condition skin and hair, so your strands and scalp feel soothed and smooth. If you didn’t know, conditioning (or softening) skin and hair follicles helps you get that close, clean shave you need, plus it leaves your skin feeling great!

Soothing Aftershave Mist

We’d be remiss not to include aftershave. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat. Aftershave helps soothe skin, which is important whenever you’re taking a razor to areas where your skin is thinner and/or more sensitive. Cucumber extract soothes skin by moisturizing and reducing the appearance of redness and puffiness, while lavender extract helps skin look and feel calm, comfortable, and protected against environmental stressors. If you love chamomile tea’s calming effects, you’ll adore chamomile extract that not only helps you feel relaxed but also nourishes skin. This mist is also made without parabens, gluten, sugar, and added fragrances! Mist your legs post-shave and don’t be afraid to try this anywhere you’ve shaved! That carefully crafted landing strip is fair game (exterior skin only please!) and even faces. Fact: My boyfriend tossed his very heavily scented aftershave stuff in favor of this mist.

Body Boost

Another all-time favorite is our firming cream. (Seriously, check the reviews on this). Caffeine does more than keep you awake! It’s known to help reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Caprylic/capric triglyceride hydrates skin and help it retain moisture, which is essential for smooth, healthy skin. Also, sunflower seed oil: Provides hydration and nourishes skin by replacing lost moisture. Body Boost is rich in vitamin E and also features a paraben-free formula. .) The best thing about it is wide application – you can use it anywhere you’re seeing lines, cellulite, puffiness, etc. – and some customers swear by it for their own makeup/facial skincare routines! Try it on your face, thighs, arms, or anywhere you are looking for a firming effect.

Hydrating Body Oil

Next up, my personal favorite, the body oil spray that belongs in every post-shower routine. The blend of oils in it is so amazing for your skin. As far as that glow it’s supposed to give? Believe the hype. With a spritz and quick massage, my skin and body art are anything but dull. I love it. It’s a must-have for thirsty, summer skin. This silky body oil is full of ingredients like coconut, jojoba & argan oils, which are all nutrient-rich and good-for-your skin ingredients that nourish and hydrate. Avocado oil helps nourish and moisturize the skin for a sexy shine.

Chafe Escape

The chub rub is real… And real annoying. Our elixir of anti-friction goodness is perfect for thighs, arms, and anywhere skin moves against skin, an inevitability with a lot of warm-weather fashion. Tapioca starch ensures quick absorption and a smooth, non-greasy finish on your skin. Vitamin E helps soothe and alleviate irritation. Also, this cream-to-powder elixir is also made without talc and parabens! No contest on this one, so toss it in your shopping cart now so you’re ready well in advance.

Cleanse With Benefits

Saving the (arguably) best for last, we have a twofer. Sweat happens, whether we like it or not. On stuffy days, anything that helps keep you feeling fresh and clean is a godsend. What makes these wipes so gentle is Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, a very mild cleansing agent that’s gentle enough it’s sometimes used in baby shampoo! Then, niacin & peppermint help increase feelings of sensitivity and creates a tantalizing tingle. These wipes are also biodegradable, free of parabens, dyes, mineral-oil, added fragrances, and harsh chemicals. They’re travel friendly, wipe bacteria away, and leave behind a little tingle to help set the mood!

Find any new things to try? Or maybe it’s time to restock your favorites? Shop our site now or, if you have questions, reach out to a Pure Romance Consultant you’ve partied with or find one nearby and ask away!

Serena Clement

Serena Clement

Serena Clement (she/her/hers) is a Senior Writer at Pure Romance and an aficionado of all things sextech. As a queer BIPOC with a B.A. in English and Minor in Creative Writing, Serena is a fresh, no-nonsense voice in the world of sexuality and wellness. In and out of the office, her interests include crafting engaging copy, celebrating diversity, and up-and-coming sex technology. Her years-long background in both product development and copywriting gives her a unique lens for her career at Pure Romance. And, when not at work on upcoming products, Serena spends time scribbling flash fiction or cozying up on her couch with the latest RPG.