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Why 2020’s Gonna be the Sexiest. Year. Ever.

It’s 2020; you’re sipping celery juice every morning, you’re reciting Lizzo lyrics in the mirror and loving your body, and you’re starting every day with the goal of bettering yourself. So, what’s next on your self-improvement journey in 2020?

How about some improvement in your sex life, too?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone—a whopping 74% of sexually active Americans are hoping to be more adventurous in the bedroom this year, according to a Pure Romance + OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans.

And with more than half (52%) saying they routinely try new things in the bedroom, 2020 looks like it might turn out to be a great year for sex! Honestly, we love to see it. A year of growth, a year of adventure, a year of great sex!

For those of you who might agree with the 59% of people who admitted they wished for more variety in their sex life, we’ve got just the thing (or, honestly, things) to shake things up! If you’re looking to have your best sex ever together, check out this article on how to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. Bedroom toys are the perfect way to take things to the next level in the boudoir because they feel amazing for all parties involved.

If you’re boarding the solo-love train instead, this quiz will help you determine the perfect vibrator to add to your bedroom routine to keep you satisfied. (Might we suggest this versatile—and flexible!—option?) After all, 2020 is the year of loving yourself!

Need some more inspiration? Check out our rundown of America’s favorite sex positions…spoiler alert: #3 might surprise you! So go ahead, live a little, and enjoy your best. Sex. Ever!