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Massage as Part of Erotic Foreplay

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Massage is, hands-down (see what we did there?), one of the best kinds of foreplay.

The touch of skin on skin, the feel and scent of oils—it’s a full-body, all-five-senses experience for EVERYONE to enjoy. Ready to max out your massage game? Here’s a few easy ways to get started!

Set the Mood

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or in the comfort of your own home, mood is essential. Light a candle (bonus if it doubles as a massage oil, like this one!) or mist your bed or massage table with a soothing linen spray. The little things make all the difference, so dim the lights and cue up a slow, romantic playlist for just the right ambiance.

Grab the Essentials

Essential oils, of course! Different oils do different things. Coconut oil, for example, is ultra-moisturizing and great for adding that smooth skin-on-skin feeling, while the scent of natural extracts can stimulate the senses with just a few drops. And, of course, you can combine them—like HēLi Massage Oil Infused with Hello Libido, a seductive blend of coconut and botanical extracts made to ignite feelings of passion.

Tools of the Trade

A little TLC goes a long way. Tender strokes and gentle (or not so gentle, depending on the pressure they like!) circular motions over sore or stressed areas of the body are great places to start, especially if you have a set of textured massage gloves that add another dimension of seductive sensation. Make sure you’re using the gloves with a massage oil or lotion to reduce friction during the rubdown.

Add Good Vibes

Want to turn your foreplay sesh up to 11? Add a massager. Try using a sensual vibrating massager like Just One Touch to excite the senses and make some real magic happen—plus, its flexible neck makes it perfect for massaging hard-to-reach knots and sensitive spots. Love the feel of a hot stone massage? Have one at home with our reusable heat pack + vibrating bullet combo, Heart Throb!

Finally: Communicate!

If you want to have an intense, sensual session you won’t forget, the most important thing is to communicate! Say what feels good (and what doesn’t) and tell your partner when they touch spots that really turn you on. It’s a surefire way to boost the mood, get closer, and set the stage for an unforgettable night.