At Pure Romance, we’re all about building healthy relationships. And sometimes that means being there for a friend when their relationship comes to an end.

Let’s be real—breakups suck. They can bring a lot of heartbreak and it takes time to move on. Like, a lot of time. The only thing worse than going through your own breakup? Watching your best friend’s heart shatter into a million pieces after their relationship ends. During this time, you might feel helpless, but just being there for them can make a world of difference. Here are a few ways to make your BFF’s breakup just a little less miserable:

Plan a Weekend Getaway

They say that time is the only real cure for heartache, but we’ll settle for the next best thing: time away from your regular life! Whether you’re going cross-country or spending the day just a few towns over, a change of scenery (with good company!) can do wonders for the soul. You can keep things simple and just relax at a local spa or venture out and explore all that a new city has to offer—let your bestie decide what they’re up for!

Make Them a Care Package

Pamper your friend with mood-boosting essential oils, shower them with spa-quality bath products, and most importantly, introduce them to what might just up being their new bedroom bestie. Might we suggest the Main Attraction? After all, sharing is caring!

Plan Quality Time

Sitting in bed and wallowing might be okay the first few days post-breakup, but after that, your friend might need some help staying busy and getting out of their room. Has your ride-or-die been wanting to try a new workout class? What about starting a book club or learning a new language? Encourage your BFF to put theird energy into trying new, exciting things that serve as a right-now distraction but also have long-term benefits!


With every ending comes a new beginning, and that seems like a pretty good reason to celebrate! Get your fav friends together, pop the bubbly and treat your bestie to a girls’ night in with your favorite Pure Romance Partner! You’ll all benefit from the amazing sexual health education and girl time, and she’ll walk away with a free gift, 10% of the party sales applied to order, and new products that are sure to make her forget about ol’ what’s their name.

Be There for Them

This might sound obvious, but sometimes you just need to be there for your friend. Everyone handles breakups differently, so some days they might need you to be their shoulder to cry on while other days they need someone to drink copious amounts of wine with (it’s called balance). Let your friend do whatever they need to do to feel better…as long as it’s legal.

The Limit DOES Exist

The healing process has ups and downs, and some days might be harder than others. While you always want to be there for your friend, it’s also important to remember to know your limits and set boundaries. If a friend is really struggling, don’t hesitate to recommend seeking outside help from a doctor or therapist. Your friend will appreciate you being there and wanting the best for them!