Soon, the first flower will bloom outside your front door and I’m guessing many families will burst from their homes and shout to the sun that spring has sprung! Am I being a little dramatic? Possibly.

Let’s be honest. Winter is depressing. The lack of sun affects mental wellbeing. Since the onset of COVID-19, many people haven’t been able to see friends and family. But, with the nice weather, most people can safely social distance outside with loved ones.

Here’s a few ways you can celebrate the changing of the seasons and be ready for all the fun Spring brings!

Get a tan (even if it is fake)

When you step outside for the first time in Spring, it’ll also be the first time some parts of your skin have seen the light of day in a while. Rather than feel insecure about your pale thighs, there’s a quick solution, get a tan! You can visit a local spray tan business or go the easier route of relying on a sunless tanner. Then when you see your friends at a socially distant, outdoor hangout, they will wonder where you got all that sun!

Break out those Spring clothes

While you’re hanging out with those friends, they can also admire those Spring clothes stuffed in the back of your closet in vacuum sealed bags to make room for all the online shopping you did during quarantine. Feel comfortable in Sundresses, shorts, and tank tops and let that beautiful skin shine! Make sure your body is ready with a good firming cream so you can really show off your assets.

Get out and explore!

After being cooped up in your home with family members who are most likely making you pull your hair out, the warm temperatures are sure to be a relief. Start your day with a lot of energy via an essential oil dropper and cup of coffee and get outside! If you’re like me, you tend to be clumsy and that combined with the fact that the grass and dirt are now an unfamiliar sensation under your feet, means you’ll need some intense healing oil to help you quickly get back into the wilderness after any mishap.

Spring is the perfect time to stop and smell the roses. The best part is, in just a few months, there’s another season to celebrate… Summer! We’ll get to welcome back pool parties, grilling, and fireworks outside (hopefully in the bedroom).