Capricorn Dates

December 22nd- January 19th

Capricorn Characteristics

Ambitious. Practical. Persistent.

2021 Capricorn Sexscope

Focusing on your own self-worth is usually a simple task for a Capricorn, but your past romantic experiences would suggest otherwise. Many may confuse your confidence with arrogance, which might be a cause of perceived incompatibility with past lovers. This new year, continue to make yourself a priority, but remember to keep others’ emotions in mind.

Expand Your Horizons

It’s time to give yourself more options when it comes to life and love. The first step to expanding your scope is to create an environment that allows new possibilities and people. Be open to change! Do something different, get out of your comfort zone, and open yourself up to different and exciting types of love. Try something new in the bedroom (and make sure you’re prepared for every possibility).

Forgive and Forget

Solar new moons set off opportunities and fresh starts, and Capricorn season is filled with them. Reach out to a loved one you’ve lost contact with. Make amends and free your heart of the bitterness you feel when you think of that person. Start the new year with fewer enemies and more friends.

Take a Chill Pill

Capricorns are known for their sense of duty and responsibility. Because of this, they are often serious by nature. They possess an inner state of independence that has enabled them to go far in life, but they also possess an inner voice that never allows them to rest. Whether you need to release tightness in you back or another type of tension, make time for relaxation and mental regeneration.

Plan a Family Trip

The idea of family and tradition makes you feel whole. Plan a trip or family dinner and experience the best of both worlds – family time and people management. Making plans with family during COVID-19 and the holidays can be a struggle for most people, but not you. You are a master of planning and have the ability to make solid, realistic plans that the whole family will enjoy.

Whatever you do this year, do it with confidence. Stay true to yourself and trust in your abilities but keep your partner’s feelings in mind while doing so. Find a way to express your opinion without being judgmental in 2022.

Vivien Fisher

Vivien Fisher

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