There’s nothing less sexy than slowly melting in summer heat. But let’s flip the switch on the sweltering temperatures and turn on the TV, and your imagination, with some chemistry-fueled bedroom action in shows and movies. Get some inspiration from what you see on screen and turn up the heat in the bedroom with our favorite sexy shows.

10. Too Hot to Handle

Is there anything sexier than watching a group of young, horny young people being told they can’t have any sexual contact? This reality show gives the phrase “sexual tension” a whole new meaning, as the all-seeing “Lana” keeps an eye on contestants to make sure there is no funny business. Plus, the contestants don’t know what show they’re on until halfway through the first episode. It’s slightly creepy due to the “Big Brother is watching” vibe, but you just can’t look away! The best part is they just released season 2 on Netflix.

9. The Last Kingdom

Think Game of Thrones, but without all the fantasy aspects. This British historical fiction series follows conflict between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons starting in 866. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) is caught between his birthright as a Saxon nobleman and loyalty to the Vikings after being captured and raised by a Dane. Yes, there is a lot of bloodshed, but there is also a great relationship between Uhtred and the girl who also got as a child and a king who can’t seem to stop sleeping around. This series has a great mix of sex and adventure.

8. Dark Desire

Who can resist a sexy murder mystery? We can’t! This show, set in Mexico, is full of twists and turns and twisted love triangles. It all starts when Dr. Alma Solares (Maite Perroni), a law professor, begins an affair with her student. That’s all we’re going to say because it gets pretty complicated from there with multiple love triangles, even one involving Alma’s teenage daughter and her student. If you’re a fan of erotica, this is the show for you.

7. The L Word: Generation Q

The groundbreaking series returns with some new faces. Like the original, the series follows a group of LGBTQIA friends living in LA. Set 10 years after the original show ended, there is no way to be bored with this cast of characters. The steamy sex scenes also don’t hurt.

6. Elite

Private school. Check. Set in Spain. Check. Murder mystery. Check.

Sounds like a great recipe for a thrilling, sexy drama. This series is full of plot twists (and compromising intimate moments) as working-class and wealthy students at the private school clash. Some may describe this as a guilty pleasure, but you should be loud and proud about your love for this flashy (and slightly trashy) series. If the mystery doesn’t keep you hooked, the relationships will.

5. Outlander

This historical drama combines action and romance thanks to the undeniable magnetism of its stars Caitriona Balfe (who plays Claire) and Sam Heughen (who plays Jamie). They are often placed in impossible situations, due to the fact that Balfe plays a World War II nurse transported to 1743 Scotland. These two keep you entranced with their romance and unbreakable trust, plus they just can’t keep their hands off each other!

WARNING: I used to watch this series while working out at the gym. That was a mistake.

4. Normal People

Don’t let the title fool you, Normal People is far from the norm! Based on the novel of the same name, this series follows Marianne and Connell as they navigate a teenage fling, the highs and lows of adulthood, and all the tumultuous love affairs in between. While the complication of life is something we can all relate to, the passion and heat Marianna and Connell share can only be described as a once-in-a-lifetime romance. If you’re looking for a sexy series, Normal People delivers, just be prepared for SO much more!

3. Valeria

Spain is sexy. Case and point: Valeria is the second show on this list set in Spain. While it does focus more on the life of titular character Valeria (Diana Gómez), you also get a glimpse into the sex lives of her three friends. Lola (Silma López) will have you on the edge of her seat as she gets hot and heavy with a married man… in public… multiple times. Watch in English or enjoy the original Spanish with English subtitles.

2. Sex/life

If you had a choice between a loving relationship with your husband and two kids in the suburbs or a wild and crazy life in the city with a charismatic man who fulfills all your sexual desires, which would you choose? That’s the dilemma Billie (played by Sarah Shahi) faces. Who can resist a good, old-fashioned love triangle? It doesn’t hurt that literally every single member of the cast is GORGEOUS! This show tests the limits, with full frontal nudity and graphic sex scenes that will expand the borders of your imagination. Season two just wrapped up filming, which means we’re that much closer to seeing new episodes.

1. Bridgerton

If you haven’t heard of this breakout Netflix series, then I have no idea where you have been for the past two years. The Duke of Hastings (played by Regé-Jean Page) made the hearts of millions melt with just the raise of an eyebrow in the first season. Who hasn’t been in the shoes of Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) as she goes through a sexual education after marrying Hastings. The second season is more of a slow burn. Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) have so much charisma, but the wait is well worth it. Plus, the showrunners just announced that season three will focus on fan favorite Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and her romance with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

Why are you still here?

We have given you not 1, not 5, but 10 great shows to go watch to get in the mood. As always, there are new and amazing shows being released for your entertainment. Let us know if there is one that leaves you lusting for more.

Tori Tromblay

Tori Tromblay

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