You may be wondering how simultaneously bring the heat to your next sexscapade while also keeping cool. Two words: water sex. Whether you’re hitting the showers or your personal pool, keep reading for our best practices for safe, fun, and oh-so-refreshing water play this summer! Let’s dive in…

Tip #1: The Right Lubricant

While our tried-and-true Just Like Me water-based lubricant is usually the best go-to for most sexual experiences, that isn’t the case for water play! Instead, try a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure. Why? Silicone lubricants are water resistant. Its long-lasting, slick, and slippery texture ensures that it won’t soak into the skin, unlike most water-based lubricants, making it ideal for water play. Additionally, you could also use a Hybrid Lubricant, which combines both of the amazing qualities of silicone and water-based lubricants. Though, we still recommend sticking to an all silicone-based lubricant if you have that available. Read more about the variety of lubricant options and the best time to use them here!

Tip #2: The Right Toy

Before submerging your favorite toy, check that the toy is safe for water. Most, but not all, of our toys are either bath or water friendly. What’s the difference? A bath-friendly toy can be submerged in up to one meter (3.28 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes, while a shower-friendly toy means the toy can get wet but is not submergible. If you are wondering what kind your toy is, find the toy on our website and navigate to the “features” tab to determine if the product is bath or water friendly.

Tip #3: Location

Not all water is created equal! Whether you’re considering water play in the privacy of your shower, bath or somewhere like a pool, hot tub, or ocean, there are some things to consider first!

Shower or bath sex:

While having sex in the shower or bath is a great change of pace from your bed, it’s also a lot slicker! To prevent any slip-ups, we recommend using an anti-slip shower mat for extra traction and taking advantage of any safety bars you may have for support. Additionally, avoid any bath salts, bubbles, or oils, which can put you at risk for infection.

Hot tub sex:

First and foremost, we want to remind our readers that hot tubs DO NOT prevent pregnancy, despite the rumors you may have heard. While we are on the topic, submerging a condom in hot, chlorinated water could cause it to deteriorate, rip, or break. The pros? If you think jets on your back feel good, you wouldn’t believe how it can help with foreplay!

Pool sex:

While the thrill of having sex in a public pool, hot tub, etc. may be compelling, we don’t recommend it. Not only because of the obvious – breaking the law – but also because public pools can be full of bacteria, leaving you at risk for infection. Stick to a personal pool for good, clean fun!

Sex in oceans, rivers, or lakes:

Being one with nature and your lover can be an exhilarating experience! But, similar to our other water options, these locations can pose some risks. Unlike your shower at home, there’s no telling what could be in open water, like germs and parasites, that could leave your most intimate areas open to infection. If possible, find a sheltered, private area that is shallow enough for you and your partner to stand.

Tip #4: Test the Waters!

What you enjoy in bed may not wet your whistle in water! In fact, intercourse isn’t your only option! Try different kinds of stimulation, positions, toys, and more! Some of our favorite positions for water play include…

The Flamingo:

As we mentioned before, shower sex can be slippery! Standing positions where you can brace yourself for leverage are ideal. While standing facing your partner, bring one leg up to brace and balance yourself on the nearest ledge or edge of your tub for support. For additional thrusting leverage, have your partner wrap their arm around your leg at the knee and wrap your arms around them as you face each other.

The Flirty Flotation:

If you’re opting for sex in the pool or other open bodies of water, use buoyancy in your favor! In shallow water, climb onto an inflated raft while laying on your stomach with your legs dangling off the edge. Have your partner behind you, similar to the wheelbarrow position.

Find even more of our favorite Summer Sex Positions here!

Tip #5: After Care

Just like any other sexual experience, after care is key! Yes, even if you just had shower sex you should still have a proper shower. Clean your genitals and use the bathroom to expel any harmful bacteria in the urinary tract that may cause infection. If you used a toy, be sure to clean it using Cleansing Mist and store it in a Toy Tote to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, yeast, and viruses.

Take a dive into something new this summer and add water play into your sexual playbook!