Food + Foreplay = FUN! (As long as you’re doing it right.) Before you turn your bedroom into a test kitchen, check out our recommendations for which foods are hot…and which ones might just be a hot mess when introducing food into the bedroom!

Something Sweet!

Hot: Whipped Cream

An absolute classic for sexy food play, whipped cream ranks as one of the most popular foods to bring into the bedroom—for good reason! Not only is it delicious, but it has the perfect consistency to stick only on the places you want it to (read: no sticky sheets or getting in crevices it doesn’t belong). Reenact that famous scene from Varsity Blues with your very own whipped cream bikini or create a trail from your chest to right above your sweet spot for your partner to lick their way to something even sweeter.

Hot Mess: Chocolate Syrup

Expectation vs. reality has never been so true when it comes to food in the bedroom. Like whipped cream, chocolate syrup is widely popularized in entertainment as an edible enhancement to foreplay fun. Take it from us, leave it to the movies and out of your bedroom. Contrary to its light and airy counterpart whipped cream, chocolate syrup is stickier, drippier and far messier. Give your sheets a fighting chance and skip this hot mess!

Temperature Play!

Hot: Ice cubes

Ice cubes are the perfect way to cool down while getting hot with your partner! Temperature play is a technique used in both the BDSM community and vanilla relationships alike that use hot and cold sensations on the skin to provoke an erotic reaction. Try putting an ice cube in your mouth and drag it along sensitive areas of your partner’s body like their nipples, inner thighs, or stomach. Because an ice cube is just water, it’s also a great element to incorporate it into oral favors!

Hot Mess: Anything spicy

When we said food would spice up your next romantic encounter, we did not mean spicy food! When playing with food in the bedroom we tend to, well, be naked…and puting food in direct contact with some of the most sensitive areas on our bodies. That’s why spicy foods are a big no-no! They can cause rashes, irritation, and serious burning sensations. Spicy food is the definition of a HOT mess!

Phallic Foods!

Hot: Grapefruit

If you’ve ever seen Girls Trip, you’ll remember the infamous grapefruit scene. This involves cutting a penis-sized hole in the grapefruit and putting it around the base of the shaft. Then, move it up and down, while giving your partner oral favors. (Here’s a step-by-step how-to, courtesy of Cosmo.) If that seems a little daunting, try simply putting it on your bedside table to incorporate aromatherapy into a steamy massage.

Hot Mess: Bananas

This also applies to cucumbers, eggplants, or anything that resembles a penis that you might think would be fun to insert into your vagina. Do NOT, and we can’t reiterate this enough, put any sort of food into your vagina! Not only can it throw off your vagina’s natural pH balance, but there is a risk of harmful bacteria or rough edges that could do some serious damage. There is no bigger hot mess than this!

All the flavor, none of the calories (or cleanup)!

If you’re not sold on incorporating food into your next romantic rendezvous, but like the idea of adding some flavor, try experimenting with flavored lubricants or enhancement creams! Pure Romance has a wide array of food-inspired flavors to get your started! Try these: